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Ancestors of    Joshia Hewes Davis Lowndes    1839

    Not Known
    Not Known
  William Lowndes  
    Not Known
    Not Known

Born 1809 - Died 1849
    Not Known
Josiah H. D. Lowndes    
    Not Known
  Not Known
    Not Known
  Arianna Wormly Glynn  
  Not Known
    Not Known
      Not Known
      Born 1690 - Died 1772
    Born 1752 - Died 1806 Jacob Sinton
  John Sinton Born 1698
  Born 1780 - Died 1863   Sarah Mackie
  Jacob Sinton  
    Born 1748 - Died 1838 Henry Clarke
    Rebecca Clarke
Born 1810 - Died 1893     Ann Unknown (Clarke)
Arabella Sinton    
    Born 1758 Not Known
    Edward Murphy
  Born 1779   Not Known
  Sarah Murphy   Born 1732 - Died 1812
    Born 1758 - Died 1798 Thomas Sinton
    Anne Sinton Born 1737 - Died 1810
      Margaret Christy

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