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Rebecca Clarke of Ballinlargy
About 1748 in Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, Ireland
About 1838 in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America
Born 1752 - Died 4d 4mo 1806
26d 1mo 1780 in Friends Meeting House, Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, Ireland [ s2205 ]
 Child 1
Born 9d 10mo 1780 - Died 4 August 1863
 Child 2
Born 2d 1mo 1785 -
 Child 3
Born 2d 1mo 1785 -
 Child 4
Born 12d 6mo 1787 - Died 27d 1mo 1860
 Child 5
Born 6mo 1790 - Died 1862
 Child 6
Born 6mo 1792 - Died 28 December 1873
Ancestral View

Went to Richmond, Virginia after husbands death.

Letter from Miss Mollie Wrenn Vaughn, 22 August 1933 "I suppose that you know about the trip Rebecca Clark Sinton took to America after the death of her husband in Armagh, Ireland?"

In Passenger Lists from Ireland, excerpted from "Journal of the American Irish Historical Society", Vol 28 & 29, pg 42 are listed: Henry, James, John, Joseph, and Rebecca Sinton, all from Bushill (sic) on ship #20. #20 is the Emp. Alexander, from Londonderry, arrived 1815, November 25 in Port New York, 64 passengers. [The story of the trip is not found. jhj]

Rebecca and three of her sons (John, Joseph, and James) were received in certificate from Richhill Monthly Meetings of Friends in Ireland, dated Sept., 21, 1815 and received into the care of Richmond Particular Meetings on May 4, 1816.

Rebecca died when she was about 90 years of age at the house of her youngest son James in Richmond, VA.
Quaker Records Ireland - Marriage Details
Marriage of: John Sinton and Rebecca Clarke
Date of Marriage: 26d 1mo 1780
Place of Marriage: Ballinderry, Co. Antrim
Husband's Residence: Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh
Wife's Residence: Ballinabargy
Husband's Parents: Jacob & Sarah Sinton
Husband's Parents Abode: Rockmacreney
Description of His Father:
Wife's Parents: Henry & Ann Clarke
Wife's Parents Abode: Ballinabargy
Description of Her Father:
Registration Meeting: Lisburn Meeting, Volume 1, Page 17
Notes: I cannot find a current day townland of Ballinabargy. The Meeting House at Maghaberry was sometimes referred to as Ballinderry.
[RFSS Jan 2012]
[ s2205 ] Marriage Registration - Marriage of John Sinton and Rebecca Clarke on 26 January 1780 in Friends Meeting House, Ballinderry, Co. Antrim, Ireland - The Religious Society of Friends, Lisburn Meeting, Volume 1, Page 17 - MR1780-26-01-JS-RC
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