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Jacob Sinton of Richmond, Virginia
9d 10mo 1780 in Greenmount, Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh, Ireland [ s644 s2191 ]
4 August 1863 in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America
in Shockoe Hill Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia, United States of America
Born 1752 - Died 4d 4mo 1806
Born About 1748 - Died About 1838
Born 27d 5mo 1779 -
1808 in Friends Meeting House, Moyallon, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom
 Child 1
Born 8d 5mo 1809 - Died 28 May 1880
 Child 2
Born 27d 3mo 1810 - Died 23 December 1893
 Child 3
Born 3d 7mo 1811 - Died 30d 12mo 1811
 Child 4
Born 7d 12mo 1812 - Died 1863
 Child 5
Born 24d 3mo 1814 - Died 7 September 1878
 Child 6
Born 17d 9mo 1815 - Died 29d 10mo 1816
 Child 7
Born 17d 10mo 1816 - Died 6 March 1870
 Child 8
Born 1818 - Died 1840
Ancestral View
Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
Name: Jacob Sinton
Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 9d 10mo 1780
Place of Birth: Richhill, Co. Armagh
Parents: John & Rebecca Sinton
Parents' Residence: Richhill, Co. Armagh
Description of Father:
Registration Meeting: Richhill Meeting, Volume 1, Page 144
Notes: Jacob emigrated to Richmond, Virginia, United States of America in 1817.
[RFSS May 2014]

In 1817 Jacob, Sarah and their five children emigrated to Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Quaker Records Ireland - Removal Details
Name: Jacob Sinton and Sarah his wife
Certificate Date: 11th 12th mo. 1817
From: Cork Monthly Meeting, Co. Cork
To: Richmond, Virginia
MM Record: Cork Monthly Meeting, MM VIII, K3, Page 105
Notes: Removed with their children, Anna, Arabella, Rebecca, John, & Edward. He was concerned in a Business some years back, and his creditors released him from their demands by agreement or compromise, which was not to the full amount of the debts.
[RFSS May 2014]

"From an old letter book now (1950) in the hands of George F. Sinton of Baltimore, we find that Jacob Sinton was a merchant in Cork, Ireland, in 1807; he evidently dealt largely in linen. He came to Richmond, VA in 1817."

There are scattered references in Hinshaw, VA, on his children; mostly condemned for conduct and marrying "out".

From William H. "Billy" Sinton's, May 1977 letter: Jacob and Sarah (Mackie) had eleven children and, of this family, John was the seventh son. John Sinton married Rebecca Clarke in 1780 at Ballinderry Friends' Meeting House, Co. Antrim. They settled near Richhill and had six sons. It is not clear wheather they lived in the family home at Greenmount or established a home of their own nearby. John died in 1806 when his youngest son was fourteen years old. Two years later, in 1808, the eldest of the family, Jacob, married his cousin Sarah Murphy and moved to Cork where he set up business as a merchant dealing largely in linen. In 1817 Jacob, Sarah and their seven children emigrated to Richmond, Virginia. At, or about the same time Rebecca, his mother, and four of her remaining sons also emigrated to Richmond. Henry, a twin brother of John, remained in Co Armagh. Neither Henry or John ever married. I have no evidence to show whether all the members of the family emigrated together or over a period of years (see below). It seems likely however, that the reason why they chose Richmond was that Rebecca's brother, John Clarke was already there and, in 1816, William married his cousin, Rebecca Clarke, in Richmond. To pursue this line of reasoning further - it is possible that John Clarke went to Richmond to join the family business of his wife Hannah Watts - Arthur C. Sinton, grandson of William and Rebecca became president of the Watts Plow Co!"

Then he gives the professions as shown under the various people. This account has attached to it an almost exact pedigree to the one Lulu Bell Sinton pieced together from the various letters received from the Richmond family. Billy Sinton's 3 Mar 1978 letter contains the information that "My uncle George Sinton, who lived in Manhattan, Montana, died about two years ago but his son, Maynard, lives in California and Maynard has two sons - That gets us down to John Maynard Sinton, of Hawaii, who in his letter of March 1989 says my father, Maynard died _____ and mentions his brother David.

From LBS notes from Richmond family letters: "We thought that all of the brothers married over here, knew positively that three did. I now find that one, Jacob, certainly married in Ireland, I know that he brought over two children ... They had five children, Edward, John, Arabella, Anna, Rebecca ... Jacob lived in Henrico County, presumably at "The Grove" and is party to a deed recorded in 1824. He is buried in Shockoe Hill cemetery - he and his wife and John Henry Sinton were buried in the same grave, August 4, 1863, the remains having evidently been disintered and reburied in the section of his son Edward Sinton."

Hinshaw note: "11 mo 7, 1818, Henrico MM: Jacob Sinton and wife, Sarah and children Anna, Arabella, Rebecca, John and Edward received on cert. from MM held in Cork..."
[ s644 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-9 Ref 20a - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 (Feb 2003]
[ s2191 ] Birth Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Birth of Jacob Sinton to John and Rebecca Sinton on 9 October 1780 in Greenmount (House), Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh, Ireland - The Religious Society of Friends, Richhill Meeting, Volume 1, Page 144 - BR1780-09-10-JS
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