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Jane Spence
8d 9mo 1846 in Kilmore (Parish), Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom
Born 1776 - Died 27d 10mo 1860
Abt 1813
 Child 1
Born 13d 1mo 1814 - Died 7d 7mo 1851
 Child 2
Born 19d 1mo 1817 - Died 29d 8mo 1894
 Child 3
Born 30d 3mo 1819 - Died 27d 11mo 1899
 Child 4
Born 9d 2mo 1821 - Died 17d 6mo 1882
 Child 5
Born 28d 12mo 1821 - Died 1906
 Child 6
Born 7d 1mo 1825 - Died 15d 12mo 1864
 Child 7
Born 23d 3mo 1827 - Died 17 February 1899
 Child 8
Born 16d 8mo 1829 - Died 16 September 1895
 Child 9
Born 14d 11mo 1830 - Died 16d 9mo 1895
Ancestral View
She died at 3:10 pm. There is some question as to her name. LBS and the IGI call her Jane Walker. Current members of the family call her Spence. Possibly she was both at different times before her marriage to William Sinton.

The Logan list gives her birth "abt 1789", LBS gives abt 1784. Both have the death date, Logan adds the place. LBS info gives full date for Wm Sinton's death, Logan does not.
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