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William Sinton of Greenmount
1776 in Greenmount (House), Rockmacreany, Co Armagh, Ireland
27d 10mo 1860 in Greenmount, Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2362 ]
30d 10mo 1860 in Friends Burial Ground, Richhill, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2362 ]
Born 1740 -
Born 1749 - Died 26d 2mo 1819
Died 8d 9mo 1846
Abt 1813
 Child 1
Born 13d 1mo 1814 - Died 7d 7mo 1851
 Child 2
Born 19d 1mo 1817 - Died 29d 8mo 1894
 Child 3
Born 30d 3mo 1819 - Died 27d 11mo 1899
 Child 4
Born 9d 2mo 1821 - Died 17d 6mo 1882
 Child 5
Born 28d 12mo 1821 - Died 1906
 Child 6
Born 7d 1mo 1825 - Died 15d 12mo 1864
 Child 7
Born 23d 3mo 1827 - Died 17 February 1899
 Child 8
Born 16d 8mo 1829 - Died 16 September 1895
 Child 9
Born 14d 11mo 1830 - Died 16d 9mo 1895
Ancestral View
Map of Rockmacreaney drawn in 1827
Part of a map of the townland of Rockmacreaney, near Richhill, Co. Armagh, showimg the farm of Willam Sinton in 1827. 'Greenmount' is the building in plot number 107. This map is part of a collection drawn by Alex Richmond in 1827 for Edmund Bacon who was married to Isabella Richardson who inherited one third of the Richhill Richardson estate.
The maps are of twelve townlands.
[Photographed by Maurice Mehaffey, Oct 2005]

In the following the text in Red is by Bob Sinton.

All his children were born at "Greenmount".

Some of the information on this family comes for the LDS IGI where someone has had this family through temple ordanances (as the family of William Sinton and Jane Walker) showing all the children born in County Armagh. Family information says they were all born at Greenmount. Later information for the family of Thomas Sinton of Greenmount (1817-1894) is from Joyce "Joy" (Kent) Mathews, 1989
NOTE: The only other Sintons in the LDS Ireland fiche are:
Mary daughter of John Sinton and Maria Greenlee, b. 31 Aug 1865, County Armagh, Tanderagee District [see John, son of John & Elizabeth (Jeffers) Sinton, Cabra line] See also Mary Sinton
Robert married Shusanna (sic) Moffit 27 Aug 1775 Westmeath, Athlone, County Westmeath [possibly a missing son of Robert founder of the Cabra line?]
Susanna daughter of John Sinton and Eleanor, christened Mar 1823, Donaghmore, Tyrone
NOTE: From LBS book for Herbert: The earliest record of the Irish Sintons is carved in a sideboard in the house at Greenmount, belonging to "the Darby Bridge Family", Moyallon, Co. Down, and is said to read: Thomas Cynton 1680. His grandfather Benjamin Cynton 1640". {Years later Ronald was unable to locate the carving - or the sideboard.} Greenmount was inherited by Jacob Sinton, who married Sarah Mackie, from his father-in-law, William Mackie (son of John Mackie). A great-grandson of the above Jacob Sinton sent the following outline of his family. The earliest Date is of greatest interest - whether of birth, marriage or death is not indicated. [Chart (based on the carving): Benjamin Sinton - 1640; Joseph and Elinor, m. 1675; Jacob and Sarah Mackie m. 8 Jun 1730; Benjamin and Anne Mackie m. 24 Dec 1772; William m. Jane Spence; William Fredrick Sinton, m. Hannah Wiles, Dec 1864; John Thomas Sinton m. Anna Ruth Young, April 20, 1910] The last named is authority for the correctness of this outline, and he lives at Hamilton Bawn, Richhill, Co. Down... Hamiltonsbawn, Richhill, Co. Armagh (LBS's book for Herb. pg 10 and 34) Greenmont was, in 1933 owned and occupied by Mrs. Minnie (Sinton) Atkinson. Her father, Thomas Sinton was a brother of William Fredrick Sinton, he was also brother of Elizabeth Sinton who married a Walker (sic)..." "Mrs Crain was very frail and her memory was not so good as one could wish, but she told me many stories of her life in Ireland, where she was born in the old house at Greenmount. Her Uncle Thomas was the owner of the place. She described the old sideboard, or "chest" in which the date and names were carved, but could not remember just what they were.
[I put this note here for safe keeping of the dates even though they are 'tradition' only, since Ronald could not find them. JHJ]

Quaker Records Ireland - Death & Burial Details
Name: William Sinton
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 27d 10mo 1860
Residence: Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh
Age: 84 Years
Date of Burial: 30d 10mo 1860
Place of Burial: Friends Burial Ground, Richhill, Co. Armagh
Registration Meeting: Richhill Meeting, Volume 2, Page 119
[RFSS Feb 2012]

Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the personal estate of William Sinton late of Rockmacreeny in the County of Armagh Farmer Widower deceased who died 27 October 1860 at same place were granted at Armagh on 11 March 1862 to Thomas Sinton and John Sinton both of Rockmacreeny aforesaid Farmers Sons of deceased the Residuary Legatees. Effects under £800.
[RFSS May 2010]
[ s2362 ] Death Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Death and Burial Details of William Sinton who died 27 October 1860 aged 84 years at Greenmount, Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom and was buried on 30 October 1860 in Friends Burial Ground, Richhill, Co. Armagh - The Religious Society of Friends, Richhill Meeting, Volume 2, Page 119 - DR1860-27-10-WS
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