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Dr. William Azel Kelley Sinton (Will)
14 March 1854 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York, United States of America
4 August 1924 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America [ s1111 ]
6 August 1924 in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America [ s1100 ]
Born 12d 8mo 1820 - Died 14d 12mo 1914
Born 21 December 1823 - Died 28 May 1893
 Spouse 1
Born 18 November 1861 - Died 3 June 1884
5 April 1880 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, United States of America [ s1327 ]
 Child 1
Born 16 January 1882 - Died 10 December 1967
 Child 2
Born 5 May 1883 - Died 25 November 1949
 Spouse 2
Born 4 May 1866 - Died 27 June 1958
5 September 1885 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America [ s3348 ]
 Child 1
Born 20 June 1886 - Died 21 February 1982
 Child 2
Born 4 July 1887 - Died 17 August 1887
 Child 3
Born 7 November 1891 - Died 25 June 1971
Ancestral View
William Azel Kelley Sinton and family in 1892
William Azel Kelley Sinton and family in 1892
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William Azel Kelley Sinton and family in 1910William Azel Kelley Sinton and family in 1910
Edith Victoria Sinton
née Shouler
Lulu Elizabeth Sinton
née Bell
Margaretta Jane SintonJames Joseph SintonBell Willett
née Sinton
William Walter Eugene Sinton
 William Ernest SintonWilliam Azel Kelley SintonFrances Louisa Willett  

The above Photographs come courtesy of Joy H. Jones Colorado Springs

1900 Census record taken on Friday, 1 June.
Residence - 18 Weber Avenue, Colorado Springs, Elpaso County, Colorado, USA
to head
or Race
1William K. SintonHeadWhiteMMar 185446M15--New York
2Lulu B. SintonWifeWhiteFMay 186634M1522Iowa
3Margaretta SintonDaughterWhiteFJan 188218S---Iowa
4William E. SintonSonWhiteMJun 188316S---Colorado
5Bell SintonDaughterWhiteFJun 188613S---Colorado
6Joseph SintonSonWhiteMNov 18918S---Colorado
Year of
in US
Can Speak
1New YorkVermont---DentistYYY
3New YorkIowa----YYY
4New YorkIowa----YYY
5New YorkIowa----YYY
6New YorkIowa----YYY
Enumeration District: 0027, Sheet Number and Letter: 1B, Household ID: 9, Reference Number: 57, GSU Film Number: 1240124, Image Number: 00012
[RFSS Jan 2011]

He was raised on farms in Collins, NY and Ithaca, NY where Joseph and Prudence moved so that their children could benefit from the educational facilities there. He was called Will or W.K. Not having a taste for farming, he fitted himself as a dentist at Cornell at age 16. He was unable to complete his course (at Cornell) because he was needed at home on the farm. When 20 entered Dental Office of Dr. Franklin at Ithaca to study dentistry. After five years he and Melvin left for Council Bluffs, and lived there with Uncle Harmon Kelley. While there Will, set up as a dentist among other money raising schemes. Melvin set up as a printer. After his sister, Margaretta, had come for a visit, she and Melvin left (for Colorado for Melvin's health), Dr. Sinton stayed in Council Bluffs and formed a partnership with Dr. H.S. West. There he married Nina Groom, and their daughter Margaret was born, Jan 1882. (Among the list of patients in his diary is Miss Groom.) Will and Nina (Nancy) Groom were married 5 May (April) 1880, (still another record gives 22 February 1880), in Omaha, Nebraska. (Mother's name Henrietta J(ones?) ... Wm. entered the Dental department of Iowa University of Iowa City. Graduated as valedictorian of his class with the degree Doctor of Dentistry in 1884. He took pride in his profession, tried to do his best in his line for benefit of mankind. Championed unpopular causes - sometimes suffered but hesitated not to follow where he saw the light."

There is an old account book from which the first several pages have been cut out. The top of the first remaining page is dated 1868, then on the reverse, which is page 30 it says Drs. Sinton & Palmer November 1st 1882: Commenced operations in Colorado Springs, November. 1st 1882 -- the last pages are dated 1885. On May 1, 1885, Miss Lulu Bell paid $2.50 for a gold filling. Various other family members also have work done.
"Notes from his sister's Journal #22, pages in area of January 1925, tell about his death from two cauliflower growths and uremic poisioning after two operations.... Colorado State Dental Association In Memoriam Dr. W.K. Sinton. Among other things the Bulletin says he was the real spirit behind the first Dental society of Colorado Springs and was their first President. In 1897 he was honored by the State Dental Asso. by being elected President of that body. Was also member of State Board of Dental Examiners." He administrated James W. Bell's estate. These diaries and other documents and papers will be in the Sinton Papers, Penrose Library, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

El Paso County Odontological Society

On May 15, 1902, a group of dentists met in Room 3 of the El Paso Bank Building, the office of Dr. W.K. Sinton; and after a short discussion formed the El Paso County Odontological Society. The society was formed for the advancement of the profession of dentistry and for mutual benefit. The officers chosen at this meeting were president, Dr. W.K. Sinton; vice-president, Dr. George Y. Wilson; secretary, Dr. D.A. Johnston; treasurer, Dr. J. Allen Smith. These officers, together with the following, were the charter members of the society: Dr. William Bartlett, Dr. F.C. Chamberlain, Dr. Henry B. Hayden, Dr. Frederick S. McKay, Dr. A.B. Baker; Dr. W.A. DeBerry, Dr. Frank Gray, Dr. Clinton A. Downs, Dr. E.W. Thompson, Dr. W.W. Flora, Dr. John Grannis, Dr. H.L. Morehouse, Dr. J. Burton, and Dr. William Fowler.

William Azel Kelley Sinton, Dentist at work.
Photograph circa 1915 Courtesy of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum [RFSS Mar 2007]

Article in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph published on Tuesday 5 August 1924 reads

Dr. Sinton Dies at Local Home

Came to Colorado Springs in 1882 and Practiced Dentistry Here.

Dr. W. K. Sinton, 71, a pioneer resident of Colorado Springs, died at his home, 1618 Cheyenne Boulevard, yesterday afternoon after an illness of about six weeks. He had lived in this city for 42 years and was well known here.

Dr. Sinton came to Colorado Springs in 1882 and practised dentistry continuously since then, being associated at various times, with the late Dr. W. W. Flora, Dr. E. I. Backus. E. N. Wester and others. His work was interrupted only by his recent illness. He was born at Buffalo, N. Y. in 1854, receiving his education in that city, and at Cornell university at Ithaca. N. Y.

He later studied dentistry at Iowa university where he took his degree, after several years previous work under preceptors in accordance with the Custom at that time.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lulu B. Sinton; two daughters, Mrs. Margaret Handke, and Mrs. Bell S. Willett, both of Colorado Springs; two sons, Dr. J. J. Sinton of this city and Dr. W. E. Sinton of Helena, Mont., two brothers, George H. Sinton, of Pasadena, Calif., and M. M. Sinton of this city; a sister, Mrs. Margaretta Otis of Pasadena, and nine grand-children.

Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

The transcript comes courtesy of Jody Jones of the Pikes Peak Library District's Special Collections

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In Memorium

The Colorado Springs Dental Society:

The members of the Colorado Springs Dental Society recall with increasing regret, the passing of our fellow member, Dr. W. K. Sinton on August 4, 1924.

It is not an easy task to fittingly write of our beloved, friend and mentor, for he occupied an enviable place, not only in our midst, but, also in our hearts.

We recall with pride that it was due to Dr. Sinton's love for his profession and his earnest desire for its advancement in this city, that made him the real spirit behind the organization of the first Dental Society of Colorado Springs; and also, that he served as the first President of that Society.

Dr. Sinton's professional interest and activities were not locally confined, however, for in 1897 he was honored by the State Dental Association by being elected President of that body. In addition, he served on many committees of the State Association, and as a member of the State Board of Dental Examiners. His interest in affairs pertaining to the profession was unswerving, and while no longer a young man, his attendance upon the meetings of the Society was faithful. Such was the example he set for others and his faithfulness with his tenderness, and during his later years his fatherliness together with his broad experience in the profession, became an inspiration for his colleagues. We realize, also, that he was not only deeply interested in his profession but earnest and active in all measures, whether, political, moral, or religious that tended for the uplift of humanity and the relief of the oppressed.

The members of the Colorado Springs Dental Society wish to extend their unstinted sympathy to you with the hope that the realization of life lived well, and a deep devotion to both his family and profession, may, in some slight way tend to assuage the grief we know is yours.

Committee on resolutions,
F. P. WELLS, Chairman.

Oct. 3, 1924.

William Kelley Sinton died on August 4, 1924, six weeks after a surgical operation. He had not suffered - was indeed quite unconscious of any trouble until there was a slight hemorrhage from the bladder, Cystoscopic examination showed two "cauliflower" growths. These were removed, under spinal anesthesia, and he was apparently progressing well when a secondary hemorrhage necessitated a return to the operating table and reopening the wound. This of course prolonged his convalesence. There threatened some respiration difficulty, but it was overcome by the care and devotion of his physicians, and at the end of four weeks from the original operation he returned to his home, apparently well on the road to recovery. He walked down and up the stairs every day. On the twelfth day after his leaving the hospital, however, his kidneys ceased to function - the strain of the prolonged confinement was too great for them - and uremic poisoning ended his life four days later - just six weeks after the first operation.

Dr. Sinton was seventy years old on March 14, 1924, having been born in 1854, in Buffalo, New York. He came of a long lived stock on both sides, the Kelleys and Daggetts of Vermont on the maternal side and the Sinton-Greeves-O'Briens, Irish Quakers of his father's family. Through his whole life, the quiet, persistent worker for righteousness, his ancestry was reflected.

His education was gained in the public schools of Erie County, New York, and in New York City. He entered Cornell University when he was sixteen years old, but was unable to complete the last year of his course because his help was needed at home. When twenty years old he entered under the preceptorship of Dr. Franklin, a dentist of Ithaca, New York, to study dentistry in Dr. Franklin's office, this being the custom of the day before dental education was as thoroughly organized as now. Dr. Franklin was a widely known dentist and quite a local character in Ithaca. After five years of practice there he accompanied his younger, asthmatic brother west in search of a more favorable climate. An uncle, Harmon Kelley lived in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and their first stop was made there. Later the brother accompanied a cousin to Colorado Springs where the relief sought from asthma was found. Dr. Sinton stayed in Council Bluffs and formed a partnership with Dr. H. S. West, and practiced there five years. It was there that he met and married Nina Groom, and his first child, a daughter, was born.

Another brother came on to Colorado Springs and with the one already there founded a business which still continues. Later his sister and then the father and mother followed, and still later the family was again complete when Dr. Sinton decided to make his home in that place. Before settling down to practice again he decided to prepare himself in accordance with advanced methods and entered the Dental Department of Iowa University at Iowa City.; Here he was graduated as valedictorian of his class, with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, in the spring of 1884.

His first dental work in Colorado Springs was done in the office of Dr. Edwards who was then the best recognized dentist in the region. Soon, however, he bought the office and practice of Dr. Meservey, also a well-known man and dentist. As Colorado Springs grew and more and more modern buildings were built, he made one change of office after another, always advancing to newer and better quarters. At the time of his death his office was located on the seventh floor of the Exchange National Bank Building in a suite both convenient and sightly, where he said he hoped to practice the remainder of his life.

Professionally he strove always to keep abreast with those at the front. His pride in his profession, as one that contributed to the well-being of mankind, made him welcome the decision of both his sons to follow him in it. He was early recognized in his professional organization by being elected to serve them and represent them both in his own state and outside. This, he always did with conscientious pride.

As a citizen he was known always as a champion of the common man, and a worker for progressive and forward-looking policies. Sometimes he suffered for his unswerving support of unpopular causes but he never hesitated to follow when he saw the light. After his death his family received many expressions of admiration from business and professional men of all grades, for this spirit so consistently manifested.

The wife of his early days died in 1884 leaving two children, Margaret - now, Mrs. A. M. Handke of Colorado Springs - and William Eugene - now Dr. W. E. Sinton in charge of the Dental Clinic at the U. S. Veterans' Hospital No. 72, at Helena, Montana. In 1885 he was married to Lulu Bell. Two children survive from this marriage - Bell, the widow of S. N. Willett of Woodbine, Iowa, and James Joseph - Dr. J. J. Sinton, practicing in Colorado Springs. His children are all married and parents, eight grandchildren were his pride and he was intensely interested in their future.

Always he said he hoped to "die in the harness." He had a horror of old age invalidhood. So those nearest him, who remain, are glad to know that at least that wish was granted - he never really knew defeat. They think of him always as.

"One who never turned his back, but marched breast forward,
Never doubted clouds would break,
Never dreamed though right were worsted, wrong would triumph,
Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better,
Sleep to wake."
(Part of Epilogue by Robert Browning)

And we take consolation from the fact that he shall thereupon
Take rest, 'ere he be gone

[JHJ Jan 2010]

Headstone of William Azel Kelley Sinton 1853 - 1924Headstone of William Azel Kelley Sinton 1853 - 1924
Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado
The headstone photograph comes courtesy of Joy H. Jones Colorado Springs.
The location is Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA
To view a map of the Evergreen Cemetery and the location of the grave, click on MAP
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Nebraska Marriages, 1855-1995
Groom's Name: William K. Sinton
Bride's Name: Nina Groom
Marriage Date: 05 Apr 1880
Marriage Place: , Douglas, Nebraska
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M71451-2
System Origin: Nebraska-VR
Source Film Number: 870045
Reference Number: 2:25539DC
[RFSS Jan 2011]
Colorado Statewide Marriage Index, 1853-2006
Name: William K. Sinton
Event Date: 5 Sep 1885
Event Place: Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, United States
Age: 31
Birth Year (Estimated): 1854
Spouse's Name: Lulu Bell
Spouse's Age: 19
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1866
GS Film number: 001690134
Digital Folder Number: 005204202
Image Number: 03237
[RFSS Mar 2014]

Marriage Record Report of William Azel Kelley Sinton and Lulu Elizabeth BellMarriage Record Report of William Azel Kelley Sinton and Lulu Elizabeth Bell
[RFSS Mar 2014]

Witnesses: Melvin McGregor Sinton and George Franklyn Otis.
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