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John Taft
3 February 1795 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States of America
15 October 1876 in Caroline Center, Tompkins County, New York, United States of America
in Caroline Center Cemetery, Tompkins County, New York, United States of America
Born 20 May 1768 - Died 2 February 1853
Born 21 August 1796 -
Born 11 October 1794 - Died 29 April 1868
1 January 1823 in Heath, Franklin County, Massachusetts, United States of America
 Child 1
Born 6 August 1825 - Died 31 October 1862
 Child 2
Born 24 March 1824 - Died 16 March 1909
 Child 3
Born 3 November 1826 - Died 24 December 1896
 Child 4
Born 9 March 1829 - Died 19 September 1893
Ancestral View
John was a soldier in the War of 1812. He moved from Worcester County, Massachusetts to Caroline Center, NY in 1820 with his brother Henry. He bought 61 acres of heavily wooded land, built a log house and barn, and gradually cleared the land. It took two years to clear the land and build the house. He lived on this property the rest of his life. When he and Arethusa were to be married in 1823, he went back by oxcart for her and their household goods.

John was a quiet, unassuming man of retiring disposition, and was highly respected by all his acquaintances.
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