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Josiah Taft
20 May 1768 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America
2 February 1853 in Caroline Center, Tompkins, New York, United States of America
in Caroline Center Cemetery, Tompkins, New York, United States of America
Born 8 June 1742 - Died About 1800
Born 5 May 1747 -
Born 21 August 1796 -
30 May 1790 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States of America
 Child 1
Born 3 February 1795 - Died 15 October 1876
Ancestral View
From 'Taft Tree Talk' No. 34, November 1998 - Newsletter of the Taft Family Association:

"It came as a surprise to learn from the History of Heath(MA)(by Edward Calver) that another Taft family lived in that town for many years. Josiah Taft (Jesse, John, Robert, Robert), a 3rd cousin of Sullivan Taft, had also been born in Uxbridge (MA) (in 1768), lived in Worcester, and had married Lucinda Harrington there in 1790. Somewhat of a rolling stone, Josiah's six children were born in Worcester, Wilbraham, and Athol. It was in Athol that the family lived for a few years while Josiah worked as a tenant farmer on the large Sweetser holdings in Heath. Since Hannah, the eldest daughter, was "of Heath" when she married in 1812, the family was apparently together again by that date, living on 'Burnt Hill.' Lucinda died there in 1834, and Josiah later moved to Caroline Center, NY, where he died at the home of his son John. A son, Josiah, Jr., who was born in 1806, remained in Heath, married Hannah ____, and had three children. He bought property on Hosmer Road from Samuel Higgins, probably in the 1830's. Josiah, Jr. died at the age of 36, however, and his heirs sold the farm in 1848."

(According to family notes (and, I believe, from seeing the gravestone in the Caroline Center cemetery) Lucinda Harrington died and was buried in Caroline Center, NY. This needs to be checked. James Taft Snow)

Josiah Taft was living with the family of his son Henry Taft at the time of the 1850 Census, Caroline, Tompkins County, NY.
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