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David Sinton of Unshinagh
About 1729 in Ireland
About 1785
Born 1688 - Died 1770
Died About 1785
 Child 1
Born 1752 - Died 1791
 Child 2
Born 1753 - Died 21d 3mo 1823
 Child 3
Born 1755 - Died 26d 11mo 1836
 Child 4
Born 1756 - Died 30d 5mo 1826
 Child 5
Born 1760 - Died 17d 3mo 1847
 Child 6
Born 1764 - Died 28d 6mo 1835
Ancestral View
The Tamnaghmore House pedigree (DMS) says, "Quakerism was the dominant influence in moulding the lives of many of the Sintons of whom this genealogy is a record. Particularly was this the case in the four or five generations of the several branches of the family succeeding Judge John Swinton, who ... was supposed to have been the first Quaker in this family.

"David and Isabella, and those of their family who remained members of the Society, and the others as long as they were members, dressed in the peculiar garb of the Quakers. This consisted for the men of the low crowned, broad brimmed beaver hat, and a drab suit made like the full dress evening suit of the present day, only the coat had no collar, and instead of trousers, knee breeches and stockings. For the women, the coal scuttle bonnet, with cap underneath, plain dress and often a little drab shawl was worn over the shoulders, especially by the older women.

"David & Isabella were contemporaries of their first cousins, the Greenmount Sintons. Thomas, the second son of this [family] lived at Landscape, Moyallon, about two miles from Unshinagh, and close to the meeting house. It is probable they [David and Isabella] died between 1785 and 1805. They may have been living at the time of the marriage of their son John in 1801. But the notes taken from the record are not clear on this point. Being members of the Society of Friends and attendars of Moyallon Meeting, according to the custom of the Society, they would be buried in the graveyard attached to that meeting house."

Benjamin the oldest son of David and Isabella, was disowned, but neither he nor his family joined any other sect. The families of two of his sons became members of the Society. David the second son, either left the Society or was disowned for marrying out. His family joined other sects. John, the third son, probably drifted away from the Society after he emigrated to the United States."
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