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Benjamin Sinton of Unshinagh
1688 in Unshinagh, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Ireland
Born 1670 -
 Child 1
Born About 1725 - Died 1810
 Child 2
Born About 1729 - Died About 1785
Ancestral View
Founder of the Unshinagh lines; and probably of the "Cabra" or "Cabragh" line. He was of Unshinagh, a townland in County Armagh. He married in 1705, but the name of his wife is not known. He had one known son, David, and possibly a second son, Robert. A letter from "Billy" Sinton, 3 March 1973, to "Dear Cousins". "I live on the farm at Tamnaghmore first occupied by my Great Grandfather, David Sinton. My farm is beside the farm on which David was born and that, too, is still occupied by a Sinton"

Outlines by Walter Lyon Sinton and John Ronald Howard Greeves say, "... and probably died before 1770 at Unshinagh". The initials in this outline of WLS and JRHG refer to these individuals and their earlier research on this family.
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