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Mary Dawson (Polly)
11d 3mo 1763 in Ireland
31d 10mo 1841 in Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Born 9d 11mo 1761 - Died 1837
9d 12mo 1784 in Friends Meeting House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
 Child 1
Born About 1787 -
 Child 2
Born About 1789 -
 Child 3
Born 10d 4mo 1792 - Died 10d 1mo 1857
 Child 4
Born About 1797 - Died After 1853
Ancestral View

Her birth is given 3 mo. Jacob and Polly lived with Uncle Jo in "Wilkesberry" and their doings are covered in the letters. Their later descendants have been collected by Mrs. Seitzinger, and her information is given here. She got the early information from LBS, via JRHG. (The Pottsville Sintons)

Jacob and Polly were third cousins in both the Christy and Morton lines.

Jacob & Mary Sinton's wills received from Wendy Cooper Francis:
Will of Mary Sinton
I Mary Sinton widow of Jacob Sinton deceased late of Wilkes Barre, having received fromhim mydear husband certain property left be him at my diposal and being advanced in years and of infirm health but of a sound and disposing mind and memory desire to make this my last will and testament for the purpose of dividing justly and impartiable according to the best of my ability and judgement the said property among the members of my family trusting that _____by no hard feelings wil be indulged between them, as I do this with an affectionate regard for each and under an awful & solemn impression of mind attending the discharge of (various or serious?) duty. In the first place I bequeath to my daughter Phebe Hunter Sinton my bed and bedstead and the apparatus belonging there to, the bureau and looking glass, the carpet in the same room, half a dozen Windsor chairs, half a dozen light colored rush bottom chairs, half a dozen black gilt chairs, the front parlor carpet, and one dining table with two ends?, the Astor lamp, Mahogany looking glass, and sofa, my rocking chair, one sewing chair and Mahogany candlestand, one pair of shovel & tongs, a pair of brass andirons, the Stair and entry carpet with brass rods, the cot bed and bedstead, the breakfast table, my gold watch, the large and small silver spoons, one butter knife, silver cream cup, tea pot, small one plated, the china in the sideboard, the black venetian blinds, the parlor stove, large warming pan, and the setee & cushions, one bell____ kettle and the five hundres dollars left me by my husband Jacob Sinton, deceased. Secondly, I give and bequeath to my grandaughter Mary Clement Tracy, the bed and bedstead in front room with the apparatus belonging thereto, the bureau and carpet in said room, the rug which I hooked, half a dozen light gilt chairs, half a dozen black chairs, the gilt looking glass, the brass lamp, two dining tables, one rocking chair,one sewing chair. one cherry wash stand, round stand, the sideboard, the bed and bedstead in the next room to hers, the cherry wash stand in the front room, the silver plated snuffer tray, the silver soup spoon, the C____, the plated Teapot with the initials on the tea tongs and plated sugar bowl, the silver butter knife together with the crockery in the pantry, one pair of shovel & tongs, one pair of andirons, the dressing table in the front room, and the high post bedstead now in the garrett , and one bell mettle kettle. Thirdly, I give and bequeeth to my daughter, Elizabeth Tracy,, a cherry bureau inPhebe's room, half a dozen windsor chairs, a small looking glass in the front room, the bed and bedstead which the boys sleep on, a dining table, the spinning wheel I call mine, the small bed and bedstead, which Phebe now occupies, and the _____, I give to her less than to my other daighter because I gave her a good setting out at the time of her marriage. Fourthly, To my son James Sinton, I bequeath his uncle Joseph's watch, and to my grandson Jacob Sinton, such of his wearing apparel as he shall be pleased to except. also his grandfathers clothes, a portion of his books, the carpenters tools, the chest belonging to his Uncle Jospeh, and if the said jacob Sinton arrives at the age of twenty oneyears my will is that fifty dollars be paid him the year following if he so long lives and that it be paid by my daughter Phebe H. & Elizabeth & grandaughter Mary S. Tracy in equal proportions. Fifthly, I give and bequeath to my son James and his wife Martha_______, and last;y, I give devise and bequeathunto my daughter Elizabeth & Phebe Hunter Sinton and grandaughter Mary C. Tracy, all the residue of my property real, personal and mixed which may remain at my death undisposed of by this will or otherwise, the same to be equally divided among them and if of such residue there be any thing or potrtion which may not be wanted particularly by them, or which cannot be well or satisfactorily divided between them, the same may be sold & the proceeds thereof divided, giving to each of them equal shares, but out of the above residue I finally except and reserve the real estate and my bed clothing which I here by particularily devise and bequeath to Phebe H. Sinton and Mary C. Tracy to be equally divided between them those Items having been inadvertantly included in the above residue.

Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1819
Name: Sinton, Mary
Description: Heir
Date: 5 5 1786
Prove Date: 11 9 1786
BookPage: T:377
Remarks: Morton, Robert. City of Phila. Merchant. May 5, 1786. Sept 11, 1786. T.377. Estate in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Wife: Hannah. Mother, no name given. Sisters: Sarah and Mary Pemberton. To All of my Servants. Cousins: Thomas Greaves, Mary Greaves. To Dr. Thomas Parke. Uncle John Morton. Friends: Mary Sinton, Wife of Jacob Sinton, Robert Murdock, Son of Samuel Murdock, Samuel Murdock, John Sheridan. Contributors to Pennsylvania Hospital. Overseers of Public School for use of the Negro School. Exec: Father-in-law: James Pemberton, Uncle John Norton, Caleb Carmalt.

Mary Sinton is Mary Dawson 1st cousin to Robert Morton?
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