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James Sinton
About 1789 [ s846 ]
Born 9d 11mo 1761 - Died 1837
Born 11d 3mo 1763 - Died 31d 10mo 1841
Abt 1812 in Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
 Child 1
Born Before 1822 -
 Child 2
Born Before 1822 - Died Before 1853
 Child 3
Born Before 1822 - Died Before 1853
 Child 4
Born About 1822 - Died About 1853
 Child 5
Born About 1826 -
Ancestral View

His marriage to Martha Bettle is recorded in Hinshaw, Phila MM, 1812 & 1815. From letter #23, Dec. 18, 1819, Uncle Joseph to Ann: "It was a very great disappointment on my arrival at Wakefield on my way home to find that thee had gone to town ... (he had visited Easton) I found James and Martha well and sister Polly quite recovered... I stayed but one day at Easton...I suspect that Sydney's family will be larger soon - perhaps I am mistaken..."; Sidney Tracy, 1 Jul 1822; says they were fine... Elizabeth growing, Mary and Martha at school...." In 1833, Margaret Greacen sees James, his wife, and daughter. In 1853, Mary Greeves writes in a condolance letter to Prudencia (Prudence Kelley O'Brien) on the death of Anne's three sons, "Anne's cousin James Sinton and wife now residing in this city (Phila) buryed their last daughter about 5 weeks ago in all 4, the three last were married and all left children...Martha looks the woman of sorrow" {from Ronald's abstract of the letter}. From the list of "unconnected" Sintons, census and LDS IGI records, two of the daughters may be Sallie and Phoebe. LBS notes give the wife as Martha Wright, an error. Easton was the stopping place between Wilkes-Barre and Philadelphia; there was much traveling back and forth on business with the bank, shops, and for Yearly Meetings, etc. Letters, p 294, 1840, Susanna to Anne; "Jacob Green [Irish Quaker `missionary' who several times is mentioned as visiting in America] mentioned in one of his letters seeing cousin Sally Sinton who desired her love to be given to my father." [If it were this one, she would have been grand-niece by marriage to 'my father' John Greeves. jhj]
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