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Thomas Christy Wakefield
11d 2mo 1772 in Knocknagore, Co. Down, Ireland [ s2732 ]
18d 6mo 1861 in Torquay, Devon, England, United Kingdom [ s3878 ]
20d 6mo 1861 in Friends Burial Ground, Gloucester, England, United Kingdom
Born 2d 9mo 1744 - Died 8d 4mo 1821
Born 3d 3mo 1748 - Died 14d 7mo 1779
Born 14d 12mo 1768 - Died 8d 7mo 1836
8d 1mo 1795 in Forest, Co. Wexford, Ireland [ s2823 ]
 Child 1
Born 17d 10mo 1795 - Died 22d 11mo 1878
 Child 2
Born 21d 3mo 1797 - Died 1851
 Child 3
Born 8d 5mo 1798 - Died 8d 9mo 1798
 Child 4
Born 15d 9mo 1799 -
 Child 5
Born 3d 8mo 1801 -
 Child 6
Born 13d 1mo 1804 -
 Child 7
Born 18d 2mo 1805 -
 Child 8
Born 12d 1mo 1807 - Died 28d 4mo 1898
 Child 9
Born 27d 6mo 1808 - Died About August 1890
 Child 10
Born 1810 - Died 22d 8mo 1835
 Child 11
Born 8d 10mo 1811 -
Ancestral View
Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
Name: Thomas Christy Wakefield
Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 11d 2mo 1772
Place of Birth: Knocknagore, Co. Down
Parents: Joseph & Hannah Wakefield
Parents' Residence: Knocknagore, Co. Down
Description of Father:
Registration Meeting: Lurgan Meeting, Volume 2, Page 37
[RFSS Nov 2012]

England and Wales, Death Registration Index 1837-2007
Name: Thomas Christie Wakefield
Event Type: Death
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Registration Year: 1861
Registration District: Newton Abbot
County: Devon
Event Place: Newton Abbot, Devon, England
Volume: 5B
Page: 113
Line Number: 4
[RFSS Jan 2015]

Title:Mr.Date Of Death:18 June 1861
Forename:Thomas ChristyDate Of Grant:3 October 1861
Surname:WakefieldEffects:Under £4,000
Alt Surname: Registry:Principal
Full Abstract:
The Will, with two Codicils, of Thomas Sinton, formerly of Moyallen in the County of Down and late of Torquay in the County of Devon, England, Esquire, deceased, who died 18 June 1861 at Torquay, aforesaid, was proved at the Principal Registry by the affirmations of Charles Frederick Wakefield of Corcrein Villa, Portadown in the County of Armagh, Esquire, and Elizabeth Wakefield of Glenvallon, Torquay, aforesaid, but at present at Stockport, Spinster, the Executors.
Transcribed from information supplied by the Public Records Office of Ireland.
[RFSS Jan 2015]

The UK National Archives estimates that the effects were worth approximately £172,640 in 2005.
[RFSS Jan 2015]
Quaker Records Ireland - Marriage Details
Marriage of: Thomas Christy Wakefield and Jane Goff
Date of Marriage: 8d 1mo 1795
Place of Marriage: Forest, Co. Wexford
Husband's Residence: Late of Waterford
Wife's Residence: Horetown, Co. Wexford
Husband's Parents: Joseph & Hannah Wakefield
Husband's Parents Abode: Waterford
Description of His Father:
Wife's Parents: Jacob & Elizabeth Goff
Wife's Parents Abode: Horetown, Co. Wexford
Description of Her Father:
Registration Meeting: Wexford Meeting, Volume 9, Page 235
[RFSS Feb 2013]
[ s2732 ] Birth Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details - Birth of Thomas Christy Wakefield to Joseph and Hannah Wakefield on 11 February 1772 in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Ireland - The Religious Society of Friends, Lurgan Meeting, Volume 2, Page 37 - BR1772-11-02-TCW
[ s3878 ] Death Registration - England and Wales, Death Registration Index 1837-2007 - Death of Thomas Christie Wakefield registered 2nd Quarter 1861 in Newton Abbot Registration District, Devon, England, United Kingdom - Volume: 5B, Page: 113, Line Number: 4 - DR1861-08-06-TCW
[ s2823 ] Marriage Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Marriage Details - Marriage of Thomas Christy Wakefield and Jane Goff on 8 January 1795 in Friends Meeting House, Forest, Co. Wexford, Ireland - The Religious Society of Friends, Wexford Meeting, Volume 9, Page 235 - MR1795-08-01-TCW-JG
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