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Rebecca Sinton Clarke
6mo 1794 in Ireland
20d 7mo 1863 in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America [ s987 ]
in Hollywood Cemetry, Richmond, Virginia, United States of America [ s987 ]
Born 1754 - Died 1843
Born 12d 6mo 1787 - Died 27d 1mo 1860
7 December 1816 in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America
 Child 1
Born 11d 12mo 1817 - Died 16 August 1888
 Child 2
Born 22d 4mo 1819 - Died 28d 6mo 1902
 Child 3
Born 8d 2mo 1824 - Died 21d 10mo 1872
 Child 4
Born 10d 3mo 1833 - Died 3 March 1913
 Child 5
Born 17d 1mo 1835 - Died 23d 3mo 1906
Ancestral View
Rebecca Sinton 1794 to 1863Headstone of William Sinton, Richmond, Virginia, USAIn Memory of



January 27th 1860

In the 72nd year of his age



His Wife


July 20th 1863

in her 69th year.
Rebecca Sinton 1794 - 1863
© Colonial Williamsburgh Foundation, Williamsburgh, Virginia, USA
Headstone of Rebecca Sinton
(née Clarke) 1794 - 1863
The headstone photograph comes from the Find A Grave website courtesy of John Shuck
The location is Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia, United States of America.
Link to the Find A Grave site for Rebecca Clarke Sinton
[RFSS May 2008]


First cousin of her husband. Emigrated to USA 1802.

(Following supplied by CSC July 2003]
The original painting is with the Colonial Williamsburgh Foundation, Williamsburgh, Virginia, USA. The following details are those supplied by the foundation.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Department: Folk Art Center Collection
Object Name: Drawing
Title: Portrait of Mrs. William Sinton (Rebecca Clarke)(1794-1863)
Classification: Watercolor Portraits
Attributed to: Charles Burton, 1782 - after 1847
Label Text: Included among the numerous Richmond, Virginia, portrait subjects depicted by Charles Burton are at least a dozen members of Rebecca Clarke Sinton's extended family. The bust-length and profile format of this portrait are typical of the larger group, as is the significant amount of detail in the background.

The subject's parents, John and Hannah Watts Clarke, immigrated from Ireland and established their family in Richmond, Virginia, sometime before 1810, when their nephew William Sinton arrived there. William found his first cousin, Rebecca, to be a "lively funny girl with a good deal of humour," and the two of them were married on December 7, 1816. Shortly thereafter, both were disowned at the Friends Henrico Monthly Meeting for marrying "contrary to discipline."
Date Label: 1835-1840

Culture: Richmond, Virginia
Medium: watercolor and graphite on paper
Description: A bust-length profile portrait of a woman facing right, shown within a fully furnished interior. Her dark dress has ruching on the sleeve and a broad, sheer white collar trimmed in lace; she wears a sheer white cap that has ruffles around the face and long ties that hang down in front. Her dark hair is parted in the middle and pulled back in a knot at the back of her head. She appears to be somewhat stocky, or chubby. She faces a window whose curtain is held back by a drapery tie-back. A patterned rug covers the floor and a drop-leaf table is set against the back wall.
Dimensions: Other (unframed): 10 3/16 x 8 1/4in. (25.9 x 21cm)
Framed: 14 x 12in. (35.6 x 30.5cm)
Signed: See "Inscriptions."
Mark(s): See "Inscriptions."
Inscription(s): There are two modern labels on the reverse of the backboard. One, in the hand of a former owner, Mrs. William Sinton (Christine Lincoln) (1902-1988), states, "Rebecca Clarke Sinton/wife of William/B? D 1838". The other, in an unidentified hand, states " . . . [torn off] 5? D 1838/Rebecca Clarke Sinton/wife of William." In white chalk on the backboard is "8832" written over a "2".
Related Works: Also see 2001.300.1 and 2001.300.3, portraits of the subject's husband and son, respectively.

To date, the numerous relations of William Sinton's who were depicted by Charles Burton include: (1) his aunt, Mrs. John Clarke (Hannah Watts) (ca. 1754-1843); (2) his wife (who was also his first cousin), Mrs. William Sinton (Rebecca Clarke) (1794-1863); (3) his son, John Clarke Sinton (1817-1888); (4) his son, Samuel Sinton (1833-1913); (5) his sister- in-law, Mrs. Jacob Sinton (Sarah Murphy) (?-?); (6) his brother James Sinton (1792- 1872); (7) his sister-in-law, Mrs. James Sinton (Harriet Dyball) (1811-1886); (8) his niece's husband, Josiah H. D. Lownes (1809-1849); (9) his sister-in-law/first cousin, Mrs. Josephus Colton (Abby Clarke) (?-1843); (10) his brother-in-law/first cousin, William John Clarke (1800-1872); (11) the wife of his brother-in-law/first cousin, Mrs. William John Clarke (Jane Wilson Cornthwaite) (1810-1857); and (12) his wife's niece, Jane Eliza Colton (1818-1840).

Notes: See 2001.300.1, a portrait representing the subject's husband and first cousin; more information can be found there. Also see 2001.300.3, a portrait representing the subject's son.
The subject's husband, William Sinton (1787-1860), had only been in Richmond, Virginia, a short time before he sent home a candid description of his first cousins, the children of Mr. and Mrs. John Clarke. Some of his kin were not at all to his liking, but he found Rebecca Clarke, his future wife (and the subject of this portrait), to be a "lively funny girl with a good deal of humour." The couple were married December 7, 1816, and both were disowned at the Friends Henrico Monthly Meeting on February 1, 1817, for marrying "contrary to discipline." (See note no. 1).
The couple lived at 2520 East Grace Street on Church Hill in Richmond from 1856 (note no. 2); their graves are in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond. Their children were John Clarke (1817-1888) (AAR acc. no. 2001.300.3), Charles J. (1819- 1902), Sarah ("Sally") A. (1824-1872), Samuel (1833-1913), and Richard B. (1835-1906).
The date of death given on the subject's tombstone is July 20, 1863.

Note no. 1: Earlier, on January 1, 1817, William's marriage had been reported to the Meeting along with the fact that he had " . . . been in the habit of performing military services" (Hinshaw, p. 212). The marriage date comes from William H. Sinton to AARFAM, November 13, 1977.

Note no. 2: Mary Wingfield Scott, Houses of Old Richmond (Richmond, Virginia.: Valentine Museum, 1941), p. 83.

Provenance: From the subject to his grandson, Arthur C. Sinton (1854-1933); to his dauther, Mrs. Howard Sutton (Ellen Binford Sinton) (1884- 1968); to her brother, Admiral William Sinton (1896-1977); to his wife, Mrs. William Sinton (Christine Lincoln) (1902-1988); to her daughter, Mrs. Harry F. Carlson, Jr. (Caryl Sinton), who is AAFFAM's donor.

Credit Line: "Gift of Louise Sinton Clay and Caryl Sinton Carlson in memory of their father, Admiral William Sinton, USN (Ret)"
[ s987 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia, United States of America - H1863-20-07-RCS 
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