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Reubena Wilson (Ruby)
1941 in Carleton Maternity Home, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Aug 2001 in California, United States of America
Born 22 June 1901 - Died 6 January 1986
 Child 1
Ancestral View
Ruby was a bridesmain at her step-sister Emma's wedding in June 1959.

She was engaged to an Eric McMinn who had travelled abroad. A few weeks before the marriage he felt unwell. A doctor examined him and could find nothing wrong. One week before the proposed marriage date he was found dead in bed. While abroad he had contracted an ear infection which lead eventually to a brain haemorrhage.

Ruby and a friend went to America as nannies for a wealthy lawyer, but when they found out that there were extra duties attatched to the position they split and went to Calafornia.

The above info supplied by Emma Stewart, née Wilson.
[RFSS Dec 2002]
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