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William Eber Candee
14 October 1844 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York, United States of America
9 October 1919 in Forestville, Cattaraugus County, New York, United States of America
in Forestville Pioneer Cemetery, Cattaraugus County, New York, United States of America
Born 2 February 1816 - Died 14 September 1895
Born 4d 12mo 1818 - Died 3d 8mo 1895
Born 1 August 1845 - Died 7 August 1923
14 October 1867 in Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, New York, United States of America
 Child 1
Born 23 November 1868 - Died 20 May 1943
 Child 2
Born 12 March 1870 - Died 29 June 1952
 Child 3
Born 31 December 1886 - Died 3 January 1973
Ancestral View

Hardware merchant.

Dawson, pg 119: "William Eber Buff Candee, hardware merchant, who was b. October 4 (sic), 1844. Mr. C. served in the civil war two years and three months, having enlisted at New York, July 10, 1863; was appointed regimental quarter-master sergeant, and honourably discharged October 5, 1865, with letters of highest approbation from his superior officers. They reside 1873, in Dunkirk, and have two children, ... (footnote: "Son of Fernando Cortes Candee (born at Pompey, NY, 2 February 1816) and w. Maria Wright O'Brien, (b. at Germantown, Pa, December 4, 1818) married at Collins, Erie Co, NY, 21 Sept 1842; gr. son of Eber Candee, (born March 5, 1785, supposed in Oxford, Ct) and w. Patience Potter, born July 15, 1786, daughter of Nathaniel and Ruth Potter. Eber Candee was son of Nehemiah and Content Candee. Maria Wright O'Brien was daughter of William O'Brien (born in Carlow, Ireland, 17 Sept 1798 (sic.); gr. daughter of Daniel and Mary O'Brien. Anne Greaves (sic.) was of Scottish parentage -- dau. of John and Mary Greaves (sic).")
Interesting that this information was printed in 1874. jhj

William went to Dunkirk, NY, at age 16, and secured a position as clerk in the freight department of the Buffalo and Erie Railroad. In 1863 he went on the road as a traveling salesman for the Buffalo Scale Company but shortly thereafter, on 10 Jul 1863, he enrolled as a private in Company I, 16th Regiment, New York Cavalry Volunteers (in the Union Army of the American Civil War) and was on duty in New York City during the draft riots, which occurred 13-16 Jul. In pension records William is described as being 5'8'', with light complexion, brown eyes, and brown hair. William attained the rank of Quarter-Master Sergeant before being discharged, 21 Sep 1865. William then went to work as a clerk, likely for his father, who was in some kind of machinery business in New York City.

In 1867, William went to Dunkirk, NY to work as a bookkeeper for his father-in-law, Harlen Colman, who was in business with his brother, Eben Colman, and George P. Saunders. The firm name was "Colman & Saunders," a produce and milling business. In 1868, William "went to the oil country (likely Western Pennsylvania) and stayed a year," (likely on behalf of his father-in-law) and then returned to Dunkirk in the employ of his father-in-law in another venture, a hardware business, the firm being known as H. Colman & Co. William and Grace and their family moved to the outskirts of Dunkirk to a farm which had "a magnificent vineyard on it."

In 1876, William became treasurer and accountant for the Fredonia Chemical Company, Fredonia, NY (a town adjacent to Dunkirk), the firm later owned by R.B. Day. William seems to have had many "irons in the fire," as there is evidence he was proprietor of the "Lake Shore Drug and Spice Mills," Dunkirk as of Sep 1878. This was another family-connected company. In 1879 the family moved to Ithaca, NY, where William is listed as a "gardener" in the 1880 Federal census. He was apparently, however, still connected with the chemical company. In August of 1881, he moved his family back to Dunkirk while he went to Russelsburg, PA (presently Russell, PA) to "take the superintendency of the chemical works." In 1883 he was building a "frame dwelling on Central Ave" in Dunkirk.

William became secretary and office manager for the "Martin Anti-Fire Car Heater Co," Dunkirk in 1888. In 1893, William purchased a house at 9 Otis Place, Buffalo, NY, and apparently went into the grocery business in Buffalo. This venture, however, was short-lived, as William became "indebted to sundry persons and being in embarrassed circumstances" had to sell off the business to pay his debts. William's mother-in-law, Emily Colman, helped out the family by "buying" the Otis Place property for $300, and then selling it back to William for $1 two years later. William became a cashier for the "American Type Founders Company." In 1899, the family moved to Toronto, Canada, where William became office manager of the "Toronto Type Foundry Co." (likely an affiliate of the previously-named company).

The family moved to Salamanca, NY in 1906, and thence to Forestville, NY about 1909. William became assistant cashier of the "J.C. Hutchinson & Co" and then cashier of the "1st National Bank," with whom he worked until death in 1919 of stomach cancer.

William was a member of the Episcopal church, his wife's faith, and was active in Freemasonry.

United States Census, 1 June 1860
Name: William E Candee
Residence: , Erie, New York
Ward: 10th Ward Buffalo City
Age: 15 years
Estimated Birth Year: 1845
Birthplace: New York
Gender: Male
Page: 14
Family Number: 100
Film Number: 803748
DGS Number: 4235916
Image Number: 00154
NARA Number: M653
[RFSS Jul 2011]

United States Census, 1 June 1880
Name: Bertrand Candee
Residence: Ithaca, Tompkins, New York
Birthdate: 1870
Birthplace: New York, United States
Relationship to Head: Son
Father's Name: William Candee
Father's Birthplace: New York, United States
Mother's Name: Grace Candee
Mother's Birthplace: New York, United States
Race or Color (Expanded): White
Ethnicity (Standardized): American
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single
Age (Expanded): 10 years
Occupation: School
NARA Film Number: T9-0938
Page: 182
Page Character: A
Entry Number: 812
Film number: 1254938
HeadWilliam CandeeM35New York
WifeGrace CandeeF34New York
DaughterJean CandeeF11New York
SonBertrand CandeeM10New York
[RFSS Jul 2011]
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