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Samuel Nathaniel Willett (Neil) Jnr.
25 August 1911 in Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America [ s1988 ]
21 March 1964 in Lakewood, Jefferson County, Colorado, United States of America [ s1988 ]
Born 25 August 1885 - Died 21 October 1919
Born 20 June 1886 - Died 21 February 1982
Born 27 April 1912 - Died 5 April 2006
 Child 1
Born 22 May 1943 - Died 17 December 1992
Ancestral View
Attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He is called Neil. source: Copies of letters from Mrs. Wm. K. Sinton, Colorado, 1932.

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Obituary published in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph on Saturday 28 March 1964 reads
S. Neil Willett

Funeral Services for S. Neil Willett, 52, widely know Colorado educator, were held at 11 a.m. Thursday in the Capitol Mortuary, Chapel of the Angels in Lakewood.

Mr. Willett died of a heart attack March 21 in his home at 8055 W. 25th Place, Lakewood.

He was born August 22, 1911 in Colorado Springs, where he attended school. He was graduated from Colorado College in 1938 and received his masters degree from CC in 1944.

Mr. Willett married Miss Ruth Elizabeth Richert on Dec. 2, 1939 in Colorado Springs. The couple moved to Jefferson County in 1947 where Mr. Willett was then employed as superintendent of Mountair Schools. He taught at Fountain, Del Norte and Wray before going to Mountair.

He also coached football and track at Wray High School. He later became principal at Jefferson High School. For the past 3½ years he had taught at Alameda High School.

Mr, Willett was a member of th Lakewood Rotary Club, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, the Colorado Congress of Parents and Teachers, the Colorado Education Association, the National Education Association and the Lakewood Methodist Church

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Ruth Willett, Mrs. Bell Willett of Colorado Springs; a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Bell Hoffman of Lakewood; a sister, Mrs. Frances Willett Hewins, of Leonardtown, Md.; a brother, Joe Sinton Willett of Colorado Springs, and a grandson, Fredrick Neil Hoffman, Lakewood.

The transcript comes courtesy of the Pikes Peak Library District's Special Collections
[RFSS Oct 2010]
[ s1988 ] Obituary - Obituary published in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph on Saturday 28 March 1964. - OB1964-28-03-SNW
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