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James Christy Sinton
20 December 1829 - Québec, Canada - [ s858 ]
10 May 1897 - Montréal, Québec Province, Canada - [ s858 s3235 ]
Mount Royal Cemetery, Montréal, Québec Province, Canada - Plot: Section G6 - [  s3235 ]
Born 28d 7mo 1794 - Died 1838
Died 1834
Born About 1839 - Died 6 December 1928
Ancestral View
With the death of James, this branch of the Sinton family tree comes to an end.
"died 10 May 1879. Was the only one of us who married. He had no children. His wife is still alive."

Canada Census, 1851
Name: James C. Sinton
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birth Year (Estimated): 1828
Birthplace: Québec
Province: Canada East (Québec)
District: Québec County
District Number: 38
Sub-District: Québec City
Sub-District Number: 558
Page Number: 276
Line Number: 5
Affiliate Film Number: C_1163
[RFSS Dec 2013]

Quebec Census, 1861
Name: James Sinton
Gender: Male
Census Place: Montréal (St-Louis-de-France), Montréal, Québec
Age: 32
Estimated Birth Year: 1829
Birthplace: Québec Canada
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Church Of England
Page Number:
Line Number: 1
Film Number: 517331
LAC Film Number: C-1245
Digital Folder Number: 4108553
Image Number: 1073
[RFSS May 2011]

Canada Census, 1881
Name: James C. Sinton
Gender: Male
Age: 52y
Calculated Birth Year: 1829
Birthplace: Québec
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Merchant
Ethnic Origin: Irish
Religion: Episcopalian
Head of Household: James C. Sinton
Born During Last Year:
Census Place: St-James Ward, Montréal (City), Québec, Canada
District Number: 90
Sub District: F
Division: 2
Page Number: 6
House Number: 1145481
Family Number: 28
Digital Folder Number: 4465242
Image Number: 00346
Film Number: 1375854
Library and Archives Canada Film Number: C-13218
HeadJames C. SintonM 52Québec
WifeE. SintonF58Québec
SisterA. M. SintonF60Québec
[RFSS May 2011]

Headstone of James Christy Sinton 1829 - 1897
Mount Royal Cemetery, Montréal, Québec Province, Canada
MAY 10, 1897
DEC. 6, 1928,

The photograph comes from the Find A Grave website courtesy of Graceti
The location is Mount Royal Cemetery, Montréal, Québec Province, Canada.
Link to the Find A Grave site for James Christy Sinton
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[ s858 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-3 Ref 7d - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 (Feb 2003]
[ s3235 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone - Mount Royal Cemetery, Montréal, Québec Province, Canada - H1897-10-05-JCS
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