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'THE SINTON FAMILY' by Walter Lyon Sinton
Walter Lyon Sinton, 1858 to 1933, during his travels in Ireland and America, together with correspondence, was the first Sinton to document the genealogy of the Sintons. His main colaborator in America was Lulu Elizabeth Sinton (née Bell) the second wife of William Azel Kelley Sinton of Colorado Springs, USA. JRHG and WAKS were second cousins one time removed. Their common ancestors were Margaret Sinton, born 1767 and John Greeves, born 1761
In the late 1940's John Ronald Howard Greeves, then living in Crawfordsburn, Co. Down, obtained a copy of the WLS compilation from his son Brig. John Alexander Sinton, VC OBE. JRHG produced a typed version with additions in 1950, a copy of which he sent to his cousin Lu.
In February 2003 I received a copy of this 1950 version from Ann Marie Sinton (née Heacock) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. It has now been converted to Microsaft Word format, with a few corrections and lots of additions which have been made where authenticated. When it is completed we intend lodging copies with suitable repositories so that others will be able to access it more easily. I had thought of putting it on the web site but it would have entailed a lot of work to remove the details of living persons etc,. and the information contained within it has been used to compile the trees.
Many of the citations now used in the family trees on the site are referenced to this latest compilation. The document has been split into two sections; section one for the Irish and section two for the American Sintons. Each male Sinton who marries and has children is given a separate indexed entry, and the children are identified by lowercase letters. The entry for the father of WLS is index number 32 on page 1-13, with the details of WLS, his birth, death and spouse details referenced as 32a. His own entry is index number 33, and includes details of his marriages and children.The citation for his son John Alexander would point to Page 1-13 Ref. 33c.
My grateful thanks to Ann for checking my Word documnetation, and of course for pointing out the errors.
RFSS - March 2003

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