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National Schools Registers - Tamnaghmore (1878 to 1922)
Tamnaghmore National School was located beside the Tamnaghmore Friends Meeting House. The school was rebuilt in 1899 by William Henry Sinton (1841-1912). The following was researched by Maurice Mehaffey on a visit to the Public Records Office for Northern Ireland.
It would appear that boys and girls records were kept in separate books and only the girls book has survived.
The Resistration Numbers appear to be out of sequence, but Maurice noticed a number of entries had been scored out, and it would appear that those numbers were reused.
Date of
Reg. No. Pupils Name Age Last
Residence Parents
Last School Class
23.6.1879 40 Jane Sinton 9 E.C. Tamnaghmore Farmer Mullavilly 2nd
1.9.1879 45 Sarah Sinton 10 E.C. Tamnavelton Factory    
10.2.1890 175 Annie Mehaffy
(Left 28.3.1891)
10 E.C. Drumnakelly Farmer Derryhale 3rd
26.12.1891 179 Sara Sinton 6 S.F. Tamnaghmore Farmer    
19.5.1924 374 Mary Sinton Aug 89 Methodist Drumnakelly Farmer Derryhale V
1.7.1917 402 Annie Sinton 7 I.C. Tamnaghmore Farmer    
1.7.1913 426 Jane Sinton 7 I.C. Tamnaghmore Farmer Transfer from
x.7.1914 442 Maria Sinton 7 I.C. Tamnaghmore Farmer Transfer from
x.7.1914 443 Sara Mehaffey
(Left 30.6.1922)
6 I.C. Lisavague Miller    
1.7.1913 449 Edyth Mehaffey
(Left 30.6.1920)
7 I.C Lisavague Farmer Transfer from
Abreviations S.F. Society of Friends (Quaker)
  E.C. Established Church (Term used for Church of Ireland prior to disestablishment in 1869)
  I.C. Irish Church (Term used for Church of Ireland after disestablishment)

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