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SINTON FAMILY NOTES    by Lulu Bell Sinton 1886-1958
Transcribed by Ann Heacock Sinton, 2003
This is a transcription of a copy of a notebook that was found among the papers of William J. Sinton after his death on 22 November 1988.   The original notebook currently being in the possession of Robert and Holly Sinton Patton of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA.   William J. Sinton was born 23 August 1908 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, son of Albert J. Sinton and Mary Helen Houser.   Mrs. Wm. K. Sinton is Lulu Elizabeth Bell Sinton, William K. Sinton's second wife.   William K. was born 14 March 1854 in Buffalo, New York, son of Joseph Sinton O'Brien and Prudence Kelley.   It is transcribed just as it was written page by page.   The 30 page notebook measures approximately 6" x 8".  There are hyperlinks included here to click that will take you to a Descendent Outline at the end of the notebook.   This will enable the reader to see how the individuals discussed in this notebook are related to each other.
NOTE: Dates are shown in American format mm/dd/yyyy.
[Withheld] Information has been withheld on living persons and those born after 2006 for whom no death record is available. [Bob Sinton Nov 2006]

Copy was sent to
Uncle Aaron
Mrs. Wm. K. Sinton
618 Cheyenne Boulevard
Colorado Springs

Keep this

I have one for us

Page 1
Sinton Family Outline
1 Benjamin Sinton 1640
      probably in Scotland

2 Joseph Sinton and Elinor = 1675

3 Jacob Sinton & Sarah Mackie = 1730
      Surely in Ireland at Green Mount

4 Thomas Sinton & Margaret Christy 1756

5 Jacob Sinton & Mary Dawson
     Came to America

6 John Sinton & A. Tracy

7 Jacob Sinton & Deborah Kirshner

8 Albert Sinton & Mary Werner

9 Aaron Sinton

Transcriber's note: Sinton descendancy to recipient of this notebook, Aaron Sinton, b. 1880, Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA.  Equal signs appear to indicate marriage and marriage date.
Page 2 of the notebook
Page 2 Photograph of page 2 of the notebook. Added by Bob Sinton Jan 2004
Jacob Sinton who married
Mary Dawson was born in
Moyallon Ireland in 1761
and came to Wilks Barre Pa. 1795
and was in partnership there
with his brother Joseph Sinton
who was born in 1775 and
emigrated to America in 1795 he
Joseph died in Wilks Barre Jan. 29, 1836

Jacob Sinton = Mary Dawson
Children were:
Betsey Sinton = Sidney Tracy
John Sinton = A Tracy
James Sinton = Martha ?
Phoebe Sinton who married
and lived in New Jersey
and adopted her brother John's
daughter Phoebe
John Sinton had at least
two children Phoebe and
your grandfather Jacob Sinton

Transcriber's note:  Author addressing Aaron Sinton
('your' throughout notebook), referring to Aaron's
grandfather Jacob Sinton on this page.
The author uses 'my' and 'our' throughout for herself.

Jacob Sinton married
Mary Dawson who was familiarly
called Polly. And some sort of relation of his. = all these
Quaker Irish and Scotch intermarried
the Friends Historical Society of
Dublin has a lot of Sinton genealogy
It tries to have full histories of all
Irish quakers. I have an Irish
correspondent - a distant relative
who will get me all there is, if I
ask for it - he has already sent me
much about other branches of my husband family.
On the first page you will see
that your great great grandfathers'
were Thomas Sinton & Margaret Christie
Their other children were Anna Sinton
who I erased here as I find it was
an Anne of the next generation
who married Edward Murphy
and came
Page 3 Page 4
to America about 1810 - there
are descendents of theirs
in Ohio now I believe
Another was John Sinton who
married Rebecca Clarke.  And
their descendents are in Virginia
Carolinas today - notably
James W. Sinton a bank cashier
of Richmond his son Arthur C. Sinton
and his grandson William Sinton -
The latter born in 1896 - then there
was James Sinton another brother
of your great great grandfather Jacob Sinton, whose descendents
were in Baltimore and Newport News
in 1905. In Ireland remained Samuel
Sinton  = Ruth Uprichard
Deborah Sinton = Betty ? Thomas Sinton =
Alice Greeves and Margaret Sinton =
Deborah Sinton = George Gassee
William Sinton =  Betty ?
Thomas Sinton = Alice Greeves
and Margaret Sinton = John
Greeves of Beraugh near Durgan
Nor Ireland.  It is their

Transcriber's Note: Above lines were crossed out by author and included here by transcriber.
Descendents with whom I
correspond in Belfast.
They are large linen
manufacturers in Belfast and
very numerous.
There is a Mrs. Harry J. Crain
living in Cheyenne Wyoming
whose mother was born a
Sinton in the oldest known house
of Sinton in Ireland but came
to America when she was twenty
years old. She has sent me some
letters from Ireland, which I have
found interesting and informing.
I will put her line on the next
page - using the same numbering
of generations where they
separate from you
Page 5 Page 6
From a letter of Anna Ruth Young Sinton
wife of John Thomas Sinton of
HamiltonBawn Ireland - he is the
last inton of their line and has
no children

1 Benjamin Sinton 1640
2 Joseph Sinton = Elinor ? 1675
3 Jacob Sinton = Sarah Mackie 1730
4 Benjanim Sinton = Anna Mackie 1772
5 William Sinton = Jane Spence
6 William Frederick = Hannah Wiles 1864
7 John Thomas Sinton = Anna Ruth Young 1910
Above 5 William = Jane Spence
Elizabeth Sinton = A Walker
Jane Walker = Harry J. Crain
Eva Crain = Dr. Ross C. Thompson
Who is in Agricultural
Department - Washington, DC
From opposite page
9 Jacob (or Jay) Sinton
10 A girl in Reading PA.
I have your family names
and some dates from Walter
Lyon Sinton 1905.  I will put these
here as I understand them.

6,,(generation) John Sinton = A. Tracy
6,, Betsey Sinton = Sidney Tracy
6,, James Sinton = Martha ?
6,, Phoebe Sinton = married in
     New Jersey
7,, Jacob Sinton & Deborah Kirshiner
     their children were
8,, Ellen Sinton born 1843
8,, Sylvester Sinton 1847
8,, Albert Sinton = Mary Werner 1849
8,, Henrietta Sinton = Henry Wineland 1852
8,, Wilbur Sinton twin 1857
8,, Mary E. Sinton twin = James Wineland 1857
8,, Sidney Tracy Sinton = Mary Beck 1854
8,, Jacob Sinton died 1864
Page 7 Page 8
8,, George B. Sinton = Clara Wagner
     their children are
9,, Roy Sinton
9,, Sylvester Sinton
10,, Paul Irwin Sinton

Opposite page
8,, Albert J.Sinton = Mary Werner
9,, Albert J. Sinton II
10,, Russel Sinton
10,, William Sinton

9,, Robert B. Sinton = Helen Freshley
10,, George Sinton
10,, Aaron W. Sinton
10,, Robert Sinton
10,, Catherine Sinton
10,, Doris Sinton

9,, Howard Sinton
10,, Byron Sinton
10,, girl
10,, girl
10,, girl
10,, girl

Transcriber's note: Number 10 above is William J. Sinton, recipient of this notebook after his Uncle Aaron Sinton held it.
Page 9 Page 10
 9,, Oscar Sinton
10,, Gary Sinton
10,, Oscar Sinton

9,, Clarence Sinton
10,, a girl

9,, Francis E. Sinton = Minnie Vandergrift
10,, William Merle Sinton 1894
10,, Albert J. Sinton III 1895
11,, Harold L. Sinton 1897
10,, Sylvester E.Sinton 1899
10,, Francis A. Sinton 1900
10,, Forest L. Sinton 1902
10,, Theodore Roosevelt Sinton 1904
10,, Douglas Sinton 1905
10,, Woodrow Wilson Sinton
10,, Clytus Sinton
10,, Kermit Sinton
showing relationship
Margaret Sinton Greeves (sister)
Jacob Sinton (brother) of Wilkes Barre PA

Anna Greeves 1st cousin John Sinton
Joseph Sinton O'Brien  2nd  - Jacob Sinton
     Born Aug 10, 1820

William K. Sinton 3rd cousin Albert J. Sinton
Dr. Wm. E. Sinton  4th  - Aaron M. Sinton
     Philadelphia, PA.
 William E.Sinton   4th cousin
     Once removed ensign U.S.C. Guard
     New London Connecticut
Page 11 Page 12
here are other descendents
of these Irish Sintons in Richmond
Virginia  in Baltimore
Maryland in Newpoirt News
Virginia, Sunbury Ohio
in Caroline in Cheyenne Wyoming
& Washington DC and there
was a family in Louisville Kentucky
and Quebec Ontario.
Twenty five years ago, the Quebec
family has died out. I know
and since I can not here from
I believe the Louisville family had died. Perhaps you know that
Daniel Sinton Ingalls, the Assistant
Secretary of the US Navy for Air
is also one of them. His great grand
father was first cousin to Walter Lyon's
father - Walter was fifth
cousin to my husband
Walter is living in
San Francisco / old and frail.

My Husband grand parents
were William O'Brien and his wife Anne Greeves.
her mother was Margaret
Sinton Greeves, who was a
Sister to your great great grandfather.
They were married William
& Anne in 1817.  And came to
Philadelphia where were
several families of relatives
their their first child was born
They were some time in deciding
where to locate and they visited
her uncle Jacob & Joseph Sinton
Page 13 Page 14
In Wilkes Barre.  I have
letters written by 'Uncle Joe' to
his 'Dear Niece' after she went
to Western New York to live
They tell about 'Polly' and Phoebe. And James & Martha
and Betsey and Sidney Tracy
and John and his family.
There is one letter written by
Sidney Tracy too.
Anne was very home sick and
her Uncle Joe sympathized with
her and was very kind to her
So that when her first son
was born, some years later,
she named him Joseph Sinton O'Brien
There were political disturbances
in Buffalo while they lived
there.  And a great fight made
upon the Catholics.
Ignorant fanatics believed
that all Irish must be
and the name O'Brien was
the source of much persecution
and unhappiness  - so they
left the city and settled in
the country away from
turmoil, but Anne had been so terrified that
after her husband death,
she advised her two
surviving sons to drop the
name O'Brien and retain
Sinton as a surname.
This they did by action of
Law in about 1850-54  -
Thus my father in law
Became Joseph Sinton
and his brother Thomas B.Sinton.  Of course as far as
blood is concerned, they have
as much from the Sinton's
as from the Greeves and
O'Briens. We have the O'Brien's
genealogy from 1669. and
display it along with the other's. They all were friends
as Quakers in Ireland to
day there are some of all the
families who are Quakers
but many have
Page 15 Page 16
Methodists, Presbyterians,
Episcopalians and there
are some who belong to the
Plymouth Brethern.
Father Sinton always called
himself a Quaker though he
had dropped the Friends speech
forms before I became
acquainted with him.
My own family are Unitarians
my daughter married into a
Presbyterian family. Our
eldest daughter joined the
Episcopal Church when she
was teaching away from home
and her son - now eighteen
year was confirmed there last
Spring.  His father is English
Lutheran. One of our nephews
Married Presbyterian.
And goes there when at
all - his brother joined
the Congregational Church.
when he was doing Y.M.C.A.
work in Salt Lake City - he
married a girl who was
brought up in the Methodist
Church - and there children
were confirmed in the
Episcopal Church too.
so you see we have much
sympathy with all churches in fact one of the younger
nephews married a girl
who belonged to a Catholic
family - though they were
not married by a priest.
On the next page I will

Page 17 Page 18
write my husband
descent from the Sinton
clearly numbering the generations.
'The Sinton of Colorado Springs'
this is the way they are listed by
the Historical Society of Dublin Ireland.

1,, Benjamin Sinton 1640
2,, Joseph Sinton & Elinor? 1675
3,, Jacob Sinton & Sarah Mackie 1730
4,, Thomas Sinton & Margaret Christie 1756
5,, Margaret Sinton & John Greeves 1789
6,, Anna Greeves & William O'Brien 1818
7,, Joseph Sinton O'Brien & Prudence Kelley 1850
8,, William Kelly Sinton & Nancy Jane Groom (1st wife)1880
     & 2nd wife Lulu Elizabeth Bell 1885
9,, 1st wife daughter Margaret Sinton & August Martin Handke [Withheld]
9,, 1st wife son William Walter Eugene Sinton & Edith Victoria Sholder 1907
9,, 2nd wife daughter Bell Sinton & Samuel Nathaniel Willett 1909
9,, 2nd wife son James Joseph Sinton & Mary Estella Shoemaker 1915

10 generation next page
Page 19 Page 20
I failed to put in our son
Joseph's wife & family -
Here they are
9,, James Joseph Sinton=
Mary Estella Shoemaker June 1915
10,, Mary Josephine Sinton born April 2, 1916

10,, Margaret Bell Sinton  - [Withheld]

9,, Margaret = August Handke
10,, Frederic August Handke born [Withheld]
9,, William  & Edith Sinton
10,, William Earnest Sinton  -  Jan.28, 1908
married Julia Avery [Withheld]
10,, John Joseph Sinton born Dec. 1913
9,, Bell & Nat Willett
10,, Frances Louisa Willet born [Withheld]
married Spencer Foster Neurns(?) Sept. 11, 1930
10,, Samuel Nathaniel Willett born Aug. 22, 1911
10,, Joseph Sinton Willett  - [Withheld]

My husband was a dentist who
practiced in Colorado Springs
for forty years and died here Aug 4, 1924.
Our eldest son is a dentist
in the Veteran's Hospital service
in Phila. Penna. His eldest son
is a graduate of the U.S. Coast
Guard Academy at New London
Connecticut (an Ensign) and
he married
Page 21 Page 22
there and is at present
stationed there, on the U.S.A.
Destroyer (Coast Guard)
George W. Badger  William
younger son is in high school
in Philadelphia.

Frederic Handke entered Stanford
University at Palo Alto California
last year - is a sophomore this
year - a fine student.

Bell Willett Husband died in
Woodline Iowa. Where they
lived on a farm.  When their
youngest child was 5 weeks
old.  She came back here
& fitted her self to teach in the
public school.
I have made my home
with her since my husband
death - being her housekeeper
Her daughter Francis graduated
from the Colorado Springs
Teachers College.
and married her cousins
'Bills' dear friend and class
mate in the
Coast Guard Academy
He has been stationed on
Staten Island the past
year and the U.S.C.G. Cutter
but has been transferred to
destroyer work at New London
Expects to go to Florida
Waters in March.

Page 23 Page 24
Bell's oldest son is a
Sophomore in Colorado College
here in Colorado Springs.
We call him 'Neil'
Her younger is in our
Cheyenne Mountain School.
We live in a suburb and
Bell drives a Ford to and from
her school five miles away.
We call him 'Joe'.
My son Joseph or (Joe) is also
a dentist practicing here in
Colo. Springs he was in the
University of Pennsylvania
One year of his dental course
-after receiving his A.B. here
-and met and married there
one of the old Quaker Shoemaker's
of Germantown.
Their older daughter Mary
(or Mary Jo) is
fifteen and in high school-
a grand student.  The younger
daughter Margaret Bell or
(Margot) is in Junior high
she is twelve years old.

My husband sister Margaret Jane
married George Franklin Otis
and has two children.
Arthur Sinton Otis & Margeret
Sinton Otis.
Margaret is unmarried a
Bank Employee in Pasadena
California. Where her parents
live.  Arthur is a Standford
University man holding
A.B.M.O/ and Ph.D. degrees from
Page 25 Page 26
there - he is a high salaried
man in the world book
company in Yonkers
New York. He married
Jennie Theresa Minnick
June 16, 1919

There were two brothers
to my husband
George Herbert Sinton born
1858. Melvin McGregor
Sinton 1862.  George married
Mary A. Snow of Caroline Center New York. When the family were living in
Ithaca - where Mrs. Otis graduated from Cornell University.,
Melvin Sinton married
Marion Taylor in 1890
and they have four
George Taylor Sinton born 1892
Married Eva Bella Harris 1921
They have one son
William George born [Withheld]

Grant Melvin Sinton born 1894
Marries Elanor Whitehead
There children are Grant William
born March 6th, 1926
and Melvin Harrison Sinton
born [Withheld]

Prudence Louise Sinton born 1891/7?
Married E. J. Mick  April 19, 1930
Have no children
Page 27 Page 28
My husband attended three
year before studying dentistry
George & Mary have two sons
Herbert George Sinton and
Ernest Albert Sinton - they run
a large dairy business
founded more than fifty
years ago in Colorado Springs
Herbert married Lillian Williams
of Pueblo Colorado.  They have
three children James Herbert Sinton
Sept. 13, 1914. Mariette Sinton born
Dec 25, 1915. David William Sinton
Born Oct 30, 1925.
Ernest married Margaret
Nicholson and have
no children.
Walter Anson Sinton born 1899
Married Marie McNulty -
There are Arthur Daggett
born Dec. 16, 1925.
Patricia Marion Sinton Dec. 28, 1927
Ernst Walter Sinton[Withheld]

And so you see our Sinton's
are not in danger of dying
out - and they also, repeat
The names from generation
to generation
though we have left out
some of the oldest
We still stick to the
names of Joseph and Margaret
Page 29 Page 30
Transcriber's Additions:
The following Descendancy Chart should help readers follow the various lines discussed in this notebook.
1 - Benjamin Sinton  1640
2 - Joseph Sinton & Elinor  1675
3 - Joseph Sinton
3 - Jacob Sinton & Sarah Mackie  1730
4 - Thomas Sinton & Margaret Christie  1756
5 - Anne & Edward Murphy
5 - Jacob Sinton b. 1761 & Mary (Polly) Dawson (came to America 1795)
6 - Betsey Sinton & Sidney Tracy
6 - James Sinton & Martha ?
6 - John Sinton & A. Tracy
7 - Jacob Sinton & Deborah Kirshner
8 - Ellen Sinton  b 1843
8 - Sylvester Sinton b 1847
8 - Albert Sinton b 1849 & Mary Werner
9 - Francis E. Sinton & Minnie Vandergrift
10 - William Mearl Sinton b 1894
10 - Albert J. Sinton III b 1895
10 - Harold Sinton b 1897
10 - Sylvester Sinton b 1899
10 - Francis A. Sinton b 1900
10 - Forrest Sinton b 1902
10 - Theodore Roosevelt Sinton b 1904
10 - Douglas Sinton b 1905
10 - Claytus Sinton
10 - Kermit Sinton
10 - Woodrow Wilson Sinton
9 - Albert J.Sinton II
10 - Russell Sinton
10 - William J. Sinton
9 - Aaron Sinton
9 - Robert B. Sinton & Helen Freshley
10 - George Sinton
10 - Aaron  W. Sinton
10 - Catherine Sinton
10 - Robert N. Sinton
10 - Doris Sinton
9 - Howard Paul Sinton
10 - Carrie Sinton
10 - Thelma Sinton
10 - Esther Sinton
10 - Arline Sinton
10 - Byron Sinton
9 - Oscar Sinton
10 - Gary Sinton
11 - Thomas Sinton & Ann Heacock
11 - Holly Sinton
10 - Oscar Sinton
9 - Clarence Sinton
10 - Delphine
8 - Henrietta Sinton b 1852
8 - Sidney Tracy Sinton b 1854
8 - Wilbur Sinton twin b 1857
8 - Mary Ellen Sinton twin b 1857
8 - Jacob Sinton d 1864
8 - George B. Sinton
9 - Paul Quin Sinton
9 - Roy Sinton
8 - Clarence Sinton b 1898
9 - Delphine Sinton
6 - Phoebe Sinton & ? (lived in New Jersey)
5 - Margaret Sinton & John Greeves (family is the linen manufacturer)
6 - Anne Greeves & William O'Brien m 1818
7 - Maria O'Brien
7 - Joseph Sinton O'Brien & Prudence Kelley m 1850
8 - Margaretta Jane Sinton & George Otis
9 - Arthur Sinton Otis & Jennie Theresa Minnick m1919
9 - Margaret Sinton Otis
8 - William A. Kelley Sinton & 1st wife Nancy Jane Groom m 1880
9 - Margretta  Jane Sinton & August Martin Handke m 1910
10 - Frederic August Handke b 1917
9 - William Walter Eugene Sinton & Edith Victoria Sholder m 1907
10 - William Ernest Sinton b1908 & Julia Avery m 1931
10 - John Joseph Sinton b 1913
8 - Wm. A.K. Sinton & 2nd wife Lulu Elizabeth Bellm 1885
(author of these notes)
9 - Bell Sinton & Samuel Nathaniel Willett m 1909
10 - Francis Louisa Willett b1909 & Spencer Foster Neurns?
10 - Samuel Nathaniel Willett b 1911
10 - Joseph Sinton Willett b1919
9 - James Joseph Sinton & Mary Estelle Shoemaker m 1915
10 - Mary Josephine Sinton b 1916
10 - Margaret Bell Sinton b1920
8 - George Herbert Sinton  b 1858 & Mary A. Snow
9 - Herbert George Sinton (Sinton Dairy) & Lillian Williams
10 - James Herbert Sinton b 1914
10 - Marietta Sinton b 1915
10 - David Sinton b 1925
9 - Ernest Albert Sinton (Sinton Dairy) & Margaret Nicholson
8 - Melvin McGregor Sinton b 1862 & Marion Taylor m 1890
9 - George Taylor Sinton b 1892 & Eva Bella Harris m 1921
10 - William George Sinton b 1927
9 - Grant Melvin Sinton b 1894 & Elanor Whitehead
10 - Grant William Sinton b 1926
10 - Melvin Harrison Sinton b 1927
9 - Prudence Sinton b 1891-7 & E.J. Mick m 1930
9 - Walter Anson Sinton b 1899 & Marie McNulty
10 - Arthur Daggett Sinton b 1925
10 - Marion Patricia Sinton b 1927
10 - Ernest Walter Sinton b 1930
7 - Thomas E. O'Brien
5 - Thomas Sinton & Alice Greeves
5 - James Sinton ?
5 - Deborah Sinton & George Joyce
5 - Joseph Sinton b 1775 d. 1836
5 - William Sinton & Betty
5 - Samuel Sinton & Ruth Uprichard (remained in Ireland)
4 - Benjamin Sinton & Anna Mackie 1772
5 - William Sinton & Jane Spence
6 - Elizabeth Sinton &  ? Walker
7 - Jane Walker & Harry Crain (living in Cheyenne,WY)
8 - Eva Crain & Dr. Ross C. Thompson
6 - William Frederick Sinton & Hannah Wiles 1864
7 - John Thomas Sinton & Anna Ruth Young 1910
4 - John Sinton & Rebecca Clarke (Virginia & Carolinas)
5 - William Sinton & Rebecca Sinton Clarke
6 - John Sinton
7 - Arthur C. Sinton
8 - William Sinton b 1896
7 - James W. Sinton
3 - Benjamin Sinton
4 - David Sinton & Isabella ?
5 - Benjamin Sinton
6 - David Sinton
7 - John Sinton
8 - Walter Lyon Sinton
5 - John Sinton b 1764 & Mary McDonnell (of Pittsburgh)
6 - David Sinton b 1808 & Jane Ellison (of Ohio)
7 - Annie Sinton & Charles P. Taft (half brother to Pres.)
8 - Jane Ellison Taft & Albert S. Ingalls
9 - David Sinton Ingalls b 1899 (first US Navy ace-WWI)
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