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Thomas Green
1750 in Chestnut Hill, Soldierstown, Co. Antrim, Ireland
1817 in Ireland, United Kingdom
Born 1700 - Died 17d 8mo 1784
Born 29d 11mo 1699 -
Born 25d 4mo 1758 - Died 8d 4mo 1850
 Child 1
Born About 1795 - Died 25d 3mo 1876
Ancestral View
There is a conflict as to his wife's name; Bell & Sinton records call her Elizabeth, 1758-1850; Green chart says Sarah Elizabeth, 1754-1850, his cousin. Sinton/Bell information says her second cousin. All seem to agree that she was daughter of Jacob (& Frances (Gregg)) Bell. He was willed half of his Aunt Sarah Boyd's half of the land in Trummery.
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