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William Ferguson (Billy)
19 December 1929 in Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Before March 2013 in Canada
Details Withheld
 Child 1
Details Withheld
 Child 2
Details Withheld
 Child 3
Born 10 August 1961 - Died 3 March 2013
 Child 4
Born 13 February 1963 - Died 28 July 2013
Ancestral View
NOTE: Information has been withheld on living persons and those born after 1924 for whom no death record is available.
Coronation Street, Portadown.

Grocers shop at Annagh, Portadown.
[RFSS Dec 2003]

RMS Franconia - Passenger Record

Name: William FERGUSON
Date of departure: 19 August 1955
Port of departure: Southampton
Passenger destination port: Quebec, Canada
Passenger destination: Quebec, Canada

Date of Birth: 19 December 1929
Age: 26 (calculated from DOB)
Marital status: Married
Sex: Male
Occupation: Salesman
UK Address: 69 Coronation Street, Portadown, Co. Armagh
Passenger recorded on: Page 11 of 15

Steamship Line: Cunard White Star
Where bound: Quebec, Canada
Registered tonnage: 20,158

[RFSS Sep 2010]

Photograph of R.M.S. Franconia
Cunard White Star Line - R.M.S. Franconia II

She was launched in 1922 and served both as a cruise ship and on the New York-Liverpool-Southampton route. During World War II she served as a troop ship, and in 1945 acted as a floating hotel for Winston Churchill and his staff at the Yalta Conference. After the war she was restored and served on the Southampton-Liverpool-Quebec route. She was finally broken up at Inverkeithing in 1957.
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