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Anthony Minnick
May 1864 in United States of America
Born Nov 1865 -
 Child 1
Born 18 August 1891 - Died 2 June 1971
 Child 2
Born May 1900 -
 Child 3
Born About 1904 -
Ancestral View
New York State Census, 1892
Name: Anthony Minnick
Event Date: 1892
Event Place: Boston, E.D. 01
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Birthplace: United States
Estimated Birth Year: 1864
Alien or Citizen: Citizen
Film Number: 0825695
Digital Folder Number: 004370010
Image Number: 00410
[RFSS Jun 2011]

1905 New York Census record taken on Thursday, 1 June.

Inhabitants in Town of Boston in the County of Erie, State of New York, USA.

in US
OccupationFor Inmates of
Institutions Only
1Anthony Minnick HeadWM41US-CFarmer-
2Amelia S. MinnickWifeWF39US-C--
3Jennie T. MinnickDaughterWF13US-CAt School-
4Howard A. MinnickSonWM5US-C--
5Wilbur C. MinnickSonWM1US-C--

Page Number: 17, Line Number: 9, Film Number: 825702, Digital Folder Number: 4296257, Image Number: 00144
[RFSS Jun 2011]
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