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Thomas Swain
20d 8mo 1871 in Innesloughlin (Townland), Knocknadona, Co. Antrim, Ireland, United Kingdom
3d 10mo 1925 in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1334 ]
in Friends Burial Ground, Maghaberry, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1334 ]
Born 26d 5mo 1842 - Died 26d 3mo 1934
Born 21d 1mo 1844 - Died 20d 5mo 1919
Ancestral View
Birth Certificate of Thomas Swain - 20 August 1871Birth Certificate of Thomas Swain - 20 August 1871
[RFSS Oct 2017]

Ireland Civil Registration Birth Indexes
Name: Thomas Swain
Registration Quarter and Year: 1871
Registration District: Lisburn
Volume Number: 11
Page Number: 663
Index Number: 385
[RFSS May 2017]

1901 Census record taken on Sunday, 31 March.
Residents of a house 16 in Innisloughlin (Magheramesk, Co. Antrim)
SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1SwainJames58MaleHead of FamilySociety of Friends
2SwainIsabella57FemaleWifeSociety of Friends
3SwainThomas29MaleSonSociety of Friends
4SwainIsaac26MaleSonSociety of Friends
5SwainRobert21MaleSonSociety of Friends
6SwainElizabeth E.18FemaleDaughterSociety of Friends
7SwainCharles E.17MaleSonSociety of Friends
8SwainIsabella15FemaleDaughterSociety of Friends
9BellAnnie30FemaleServantChurch of Ireland
10GreenFrancis17MaleServantChurch of Ireland
1Co. AntrimFarmerRead and writeMarried-
2Co. Antrim-Read and writeMarried-
3Co. AntrimLinen MerchantRead and writeNot Married-
4Co. AntrimTeacherRead and writeNot Married-
5Co. AntrimCommercial ClerkRead and writeNot Married-
6Co. AntrimFarmer's DaughterRead and writeNot Married-
7Co. AntrimBank ClerkRead and writeNot Married-
8Co. AntrimScholarRead and writeNot Married-
9Co. AntrimDomestic ServantCannot ReadNot Married-
10Co. AntrimFarm ServantRead and writeNot Married-
[RFSS Feb 2011]

1911 Census record taken on Sunday, 2 April.
Residents of a house 13 in Inisloughlin (Maheramesk, Co. Antrim)
SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1SwainJames68MaleHead of FamilySociety of Friends
2Swain Isabella67FemaleWifeSociety of Friends
3SwainThomas39MaleSonSociety of Friends
4SwainRobert31MaleSonSociety of Friends
5SwainElizabeth E.28FemaleDaughterSociety of Friends
6Swain Isabella25FemaleDaughterSociety of Friends
7BellAnna41FemaleServantChurch of Ireland
1Co. AntrimFarmerRead and writeMarried---
2Co. Antrim-Read and writeMarried4098
3Co. AntrimCredit DraperRead and writeSingle---
4Co. AntrimLinen Yarn SalesmanRead and writeSingle---
5Co. Antrim-Read and writeSingle---
6Co. Antrim-Read and writeSingle---
7Co. AntrimDomesticCannot ReadSingle---
[RFSS Feb 2011]
[ s1334 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone - Friends Burial Ground, Maghaberry, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - H1925-03-10-TS 
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