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Frederick William Augustus Wardell (Gussy)
10d 2mo 1900 in Laurelvale, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1041 ]
Born 17d 8mo 1860 - Died 23d 6mo 1931
Born 26 August 1878 - Died 29d 12mo 1948
 Child 1
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NOTE: Information has been withheld on living persons and those born after 1922 for whom no death record is available.
Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
Name: Frederick William Augustus Wardell
Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 10d 2mo 1900
Place of Birth: Laurelvale, Co. Armagh
Parents: David Frederick & Elizabeth Harriet Wardell
Parents' Residence: Laurelvale, Co. Armagh
Description of Father: Manager of Thomas Sinton's Mill
Registration Meeting: Lurgan Meeting, Volume 6, Page 452
[RFSS Jan 2017]

Worked in Thomas Sinton's Mill in Laurelvale. Joined Royal Air Force. Died in Jersey, Channel Islands.

1939 - Flying Instructor, Civil Flying School - from daughters birth certificate.
[RFSS Aug 2003]

From the 1911 Census taken on 2 April, Augustus was a pupil at a boardling school at Lisnagarvey, Lisburn, Co. Antrim. See Census
[RFSS Mar 2010]

Notice published on page 814 of

In the Kingston-upon-Thames County Court. -
In Bankruptcy. No. 1 of 1942.
Re F. Johnson (Male).
Ex Parte Frederick William Augustus Wardell.
In the Matter of a Bankruptcy Petition filed on the
13th day of January, I942
To F. JOHNSON (Male), of 115, Ullswater Crescent,
Kingston Vale, in the county of Surrey.
TAKE notice that a bankruptcy petition has been presented against you in this Court by Frederick William Augustus Wardell of the Flying School Desford in the county of Leicester and the Court has ordered that the publication of this notice in the London Gazette and in the Surrey Comet and Barnes and Mortlake Herald newspapers shall be deemed to be service of the said petition on you. And further take notice that the said petition will be heard on the 4th day of March 1942 at 2.30 in the afternoon on which day you are required to appear and if you do not appear the Court will make a Receiving Order against you in your absence. The petition can be inspected by you on application at this Court. - Dated this 9th day of February, 1942.
(085)           J. SACKVILLE BELL, Registrar.
[RFSS Feb 2013]
[ s1041 ] Church Record - Religious Society of Friends, Lurgan, Co. Armagh - Monthly Meeting Birth Register - QLB-452   
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