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Margaret Sinton
About 1799
2 September 1868 in Ireland, United Kingdom
in Grange, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, United Kingdom
Born 1d 6mo 1769 - Died 13d 2mo 1802
Born 13d 5mo 1767 - Died 2mo 1849
Died Sep 1846
Ancestral View
The Greacens immigrated to Philadelphia but due to financial problems returned.
He had family in New Jersey. Margaret wrote a few of the letters both from this country and Ireland.

Ltrs, p 217: "I suppose thee has heard of Cousin Margaret Sinton having married out of meeting and going to America, ...a printer."

Letters, pg 366, 1st 20th 1850, Susanna: "Cousin Margaret Greacen was to see us lately. She looks remarkably well. She has a great charge on her shoulders 5 children there were 6 when her brother came to Lurgan to live, but the youngest died." 1858, pg 396: "... her two nieces are brave girls but they may thank their Aunt for making them so, they do acknowledge her kindness and interest she has for them. Their brothers went to Australia a year ago and Samuel the youngest is with his uncle in the Baking business..."

In 9 mo, 1826: ... poor Margaret is greatly to be felt (for) as she as well as us all had a great objection to so near relatives marrying..." [the marriage of Mary Sinton and John Greeves, double first or "own" cousins as they are called in the letters. jhj]

Quaker Records Ireland
Disownment / Resignation Details
Margaret Sinton

Date: 20th 4th mo. 1831
Meeting: Grange
Record Location: Microfilm Reel 38 (Record book held in Lisburn)
Action: Disowned
Reason(s): Married by a Priest, to --------- Grierson, a man not in profession with us.
Testimony of disownment.
She had a birthright & was educated in the principles of the Society of Friends
Notes: Meeting also referred to as Grange near Charlemount, Co. Armagh. Confusing because while Charlemont is in Co. Armagh, Grange is in Co. Tyrone.
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