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William Baker
21d 9mo 1858 in Elmview, Clontarf, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2450 ]
30d 3mo 1940 in Colchester, Essex, England, United Kingdom [ s3678 ]
3d 4mo 1940 in Friends Burial Ground, Colchester, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Born 12d 12mo 1808 - Died 27d 12mo 1862
Born 13d 6mo 1821 - Died 16d 2mo 1899
Born 6d 8mo 1865 - Died 5d 5mo 1959
21d 9mo 1893 in Friends Meeting House, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
 Child 1
Born 13d 6mo 1894 - Died 2d 4mo 1985
 Child 2
Born 2d 5mo 1896 - Died 1d 12mo 1961
 Child 3
Born 8d 12mo 1901 - Died 13d 11mo 1992
Ancestral View

Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
Name: William Baker
Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 21d 9mo 1858
Place of Birth: Clontarf, Co. Dublin
Parents: Samuel & Margaret Baker
Parents' Residence: Clontarf, Co. Dublin
Description of Father:
Registration Meeting: Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 845
[RFSS May 2012]

Locomotive Engineer

William Baker, who died at his home in Colchester on March 30, was born in Dublin in 1858, the seventh child of Samuel and Margaret (O'Brien) Baker. He and his brother Samuel (of Hoshangabad) were educated at Newtown, Waterford, and Bootham at York.

He was a man of a retiring nature, very faithful in the discharge of his varied duties, never too busy to help or counsel those who came to him, a keen Bible student, and essentially a man of prayer. He began his evangelistic work at Strand Street, Dublin, whilst at business at Edmundsons, and when he came to England he found useful service first at Byrom Street, Manchester, and later at Bunhill Fields, London. He was recorded a minister by Devonshire House Monthly Meeting about 1891.

In 1893 he married Mary, elder daughter of Edward Ransome Allen, of Stoke Newington, and became Superintendent of Friends' Missionary Home, Chester House, Clapton, the gift of John Horniman. Whilst there he was made Assistant Clerk to Devonshire House Monthly Meeting, Assistant Secretary to Friends' Syrian Mission, and Secretary of Friends' Bulgarian Mission.

In 1900 he joined the Friends' Home Mission, and for 17 years worked in Kent.

He held many tent and other missions in Meeting Houses and mission halls all over England, and travelled several times in Ireland with Minutes from his Monthly Meetings in Kent, Surrey and Essex.

In 1925 he went to Colchester to help George A. Fox with the Friends Evangelistic Band.

[Nick Baker]

England and Wales, Death Registration Index 1837-2007
Name: William Baker
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Registration Year: 1940
Registration District: Colchester
County: Essex
Event Place: Colchester, Essex, England
Age (available after 1866): 81
Birth Year (Estimated): 1859
Volume: 4A
Page: 1550
Line Number: 67
[RFSS Oct 2014]
The wedding photograph of William (35th birthday) and Mary Allen Baker of 21 September 1893, shows the bride and bridegroom and bridesmaids and groomsmen. They are Benson Tatham Woodhead (sitting) nephew of William, younger sister Hannah Mabel Allen (Carr), standing Malcolm Watlock Allen, Herbert Rutter, Margaret Stafford Allen (Daisy), Janet Williams (Sander)?, brother Douglas Allen, Margaret Daisy Greeves Woodhead niece of William, in front Catherine Woodhead (Katie Wood) niece of William, Edwin Godfrey Woodhead nephew of William, sitting Edith Annette Allen and brother George Stafford Allen with Dixie the dachshund.
[ s2450 ] Birth Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details - Birth of William Baker to Samuel and Margaret Baker on 21 September 1858 in Johnston Place, Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - The Religious Society of Friends, Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 525 - BR1858-21-09-WB
[ s3678 ] Death Registration - England and Wales, Death Registration Index 1837-2007 - Death of William Baker, registered 2nd Quarter 1940 in Colchester Registration District, Essex, England, United Kingdom - Volume: 4A, Page: 1550, Line Number: 67 - DR1940-30-03-WB
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