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Samuel Baker
21d 4mo 1856 - Elmview, Clontarf, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - [ s2449 ]
16d 2mo 1899 - Bamangaon, Hoshangabad, Central Provinces, India
17d 2mo 1899 - Rasulia, Hoshangabad, India
Born 12d 12mo 1808 - Died 27d 12mo 1862
Born 13d 6mo 1821 - Died 16d 2mo 1899
Born 19d 7mo 1853 - Died 12d 6mo 1916
12 December 1881 - The Manse of the Free Church of Scotland, Bombay, India
 Child 1
Born 27d 2mo 1887 - Died 16d 8mo 1888
 Child 2
Born 14d 2mo 1890 - Died 20d 6mo 1945
 Child 3
Born 27d 11mo 1891 - Died 7d 5mo 1893
 Child 4
Born 8d 11mo 1893 - Died 2d 4mo 1924
Ancestral View

Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details
Name: Samuel Baker
Gender: Son
Date of Birth: 21d 4mo 1856
Place of Birth: Clontarf, Co. Dublin
Parents: Samuel & Margaret Baker
Parents' Residence: Clontarf, Co. Dublin
Description of Father:
Registration Meeting: Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 791
[RFSS May 2012]

Educated - Newtown, Waterford and Bootham.

1st cousin to wife Anna O'Brien

Quaker missionary. In 1881 lived at Friends Mission Station, Rasulia, Hoshangabad, India.
[ s2449 ] Birth Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Birth Details - Birth of Samuel Baker to Samuel and Margaret Baker on 21 April 1856 in Elmview, Clontarf, Co. Dublin, Ireland, United Kingdom - The Religious Society of Friends, Dublin Meeting, Volume 10, Page 791 - BR1856-21-04-SB
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