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Thomas Jackson Greeves
1 July 1886 in Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1647 ]
28 August 1974
Born 27d 6mo 1858 - Died 20 February 1925
Born 9 June 1861 - Died 1 January 1949
Born About Feb 1883 - Died 31 January 1974
22 September 1914 in Fitzroy Avenue Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1648 ]
 Child 1
Ancestral View
Ireland, Civil Registration Birth Indexes
Name: Thomas Jackson Greer
Registration District: Belfast
Registration Quarter and Year: Jul - Sep 1886
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 387
[RFSS Jun 2011]

Linen merchant, Greeves & Morton, Belfast.

Educated at Campbell College, Belfast and lived in Bangor, Co. Down.

Thomas Jackson Greeves was an international rugby player who played for the North of Ireland Football Club. His first international match for Ireland was against England at Landsdowne Road, Dublin, on 9 February 1907 and his fifth and last match was against France, at Landsdowne Road, on 20 March 1909. From 1929 to 1930 he was President of the Irish Rugby Football Union.

1901 Census record taken on Sunday, 31 March.
Residents of a house 14 in Circular Road, Belfast (Victoria, Co. Down)
The surname Greeves has been wrongly transcribed as Greenes in the Irish National Archives database.
 SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1GreevesJoseph M42MaleHead of FamilyPlymouth Brethren
2GreevesMary M39FemaleWifePlymouth Brethren
3GreevesThomas J14MaleSonPlymouth Brethren
4GreevesElizabeth12FemaleDaughterPlymouth Brethren
5GreevesWilliam E11MaleSonPlymouth Brethren
6GreevesJohn8MaleSonPlymouth Brethren
7GreevesArthur5MaleSonPlymouth Brethren
8PeelEmily23FemaleServantPlymouth Brethren
9MartinMary22FemaleServantChurch of Ireland
10HodgsonClara E20FemaleServantEpiscopal Church
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusSpecified Illnesses
1Co. ArmaghFlax SpinnerRead and writeMarried-
2Co. Derry-Read and write Married-
3Co. DownScholarRead and writeNot Married-
4Co. DownScholarRead and writeNot Married-
5Co. DownScholarRead and writeNot Married-
6Co. DownScholarRead and writeNot Married-
7Co. DownScholarRead and writeNot Married-
8Co. AntrimCookRead and writeNot Married-
9Co. AntrimHousemaidRead and writeMarried-
10EnglandGovernessRead and writeNot Married-
[RFSS Dec 2010]

1911 Census record taken on Sunday, 2 April.
Residents of a house 8 in Circular Road, Belfast (Victoria (part of), Co. Down)
 SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1GreevesJoseph Malcomson52MaleHead of FamilyBrethren
2GreevesMary Margaretta49FemaleWifeBrethren
3Greeves Thomas Jackson24MaleSonBrethren
4GreevesMary Elizabeth22FemaleDaughterBrethren
5GreevesWilliam Edward21MaleSonBrethren
7GreevesJoseph Arthur15MaleSonBrethren
8MillarElizabeth26FemaleServantChurch of Ireland
9ComskeyMary50FemaleServantRoman Catholic
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusYears MarriedChildren BornChildren Living
1Co. ArmaghFlax SpinnerRead and writeMarried---
2Co. Antrim-Read and writeMarried2555
3Co. DownWarehouse ManagerRead and writeSingle---
4Co. Down-Read and writeSingle---
5Co. DownLinen Weaving ApprenticeRead and writeSingle---
6Co. DownFlax Spinning ApprenticeRead and writeSingle---
7Co. DownScholarRead and writeSingle---
8Co. AntrimDomesticRead and writeSingle---
9Co. LouthCookRead and writeSingle---
[RFSS Dec 2010]

No Belfast City Council burial record.
[RFSS Aug 2014]
Ireland, Civil Registration Marriage Indexes
Name: Thomas Jackson Greeves
Spouse's Name: Winifred Elizabeth Lynas
Registration District: Belfast
Registration Quarter and Year: Jul - Sep 1914
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 447
Index Number: 74
[RFSS Jun 2011]
[ s1647 ] Birth Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes - Birth of Thomas Jackson Greeves to Joseph and Mary Greeves, registered in 3rd Quarter 1886 in Belfast Registration District, Ireland, United Kingdom - Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 387 - BR1886-01-07-TJG
[ s1648 ] Marriage Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes - Marriage of Thomas Jackson Greeves and Winifred Elizabeth Lynas registered 3rd Quarter 1914 in Belfast Registration District, Co. Antrim, Ireland - Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 447 - MR1914-22-09-TJG-WEL
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