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Walter Anson Sinton
18 November 1899 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America
3 March 1958 in Denver, Colorado, United States of America
Born 8d 8mo 1862 - Died 21 December 1955
Born 27 March 1867 - Died 1 March 1956
Born 11 August 1903 - Died 29 March 1941
5 July 1923 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America [ s3002 ]
 Child 1
Born 16 December 1925 - Died 25 October 1974
 Child 2
Born 28 April 1927 - Died 30 May 1993
 Child 3
Details Withheld
Ancestral View
NOTE: Information has been withheld on living persons and those born after 1920 for whom no death record is available.
1900 Census record taken on Friday, 1 June.
Residence - 507 South El Paso, Colorado, El Paso County, Colorado, USA
to head
or Race
1Melvin M. SintonHeadWhiteMAug 186237M9--New York
2Marion T. SintonWifeWhiteFMar 186634M944New York
3George T. SintonSonWhiteMJun 18927S---Colorado
4Melvin G. SintonSonWhiteMJun 18945S---Colorado
5Prudence L. SintonDaughterWhiteFOct 18963S---Colorado
6Walter A. SintonSonWhiteMNov 18996mS---Colorado
7Joseph SintonFatherWhiteMAug 182079W---New York
Year of
in US
Can Speak
1New YorkVermont---County CommissionerYYY
2New YorkNew York----YYY
3New YorkNew York---At SchoolYYY
4New YorkNew York-------
5New YorkNew York-------
6New YorkNew York-------
Enumeration District: 0028, Page: 12, Sheet Letter: A, Family Number: 269, Reference Number: 23, Film Number: 1240124, Image Number: 00101
[RFSS Mar 2011]

Notice published on 31 March 1958 in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph

Walter A. Sinton Dies
In Denver Hospital

Walter A. Sinton, a native of Colorado Springs and long a resident here, died, at 58, Saturday at a Denver Hospital. He was a resident of Ft. Collins, but had been ill for some time and had retired from a position he held at Colorado State University.

Mr. Sinton was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Sinton, pioneer residents of Colorado Springs. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Ralph Wiggins, of Cheyenne, Wyo.; two sons, Arthur and Ernest Sinton, Denver; and a sister, Mrs. Prudence Mick, and two brothers, George T. Sinton and Grant Sinton, all of Colorado Springs, and grandchildren

Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Warren's Funeral Home, Ft. Collins. Friends are asked to omit flowers.

The transcript comes courtesy of the Pikes Peak Library District's Special Collections
[RFSS Aug 2014]
Colorado, Statewide Marriage Index, 1900-1939
Name: Walter A. Sinton
Event Date: 5 Jul 1923
Event Place: Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, United States
Age: 23
Birth Year (Estimated): 1900
Spouse's Name: Marie McNulty
Spouse's Age: 19
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1904
Page: 13613
GS Film number: 001690134
Digital Folder Number: 005204202
Image Number: 03235
[RFSS Aug 2013]

Marriage record for Walter A. Sinton and Marie McNulty 5 July 1923Marriage record for Walter A. Sinton and Marie McNulty 5 July 1923
[RFSS Aug 2013]
[ s3002 ] Marriage Registration - Colorado, Statewide Marriage Index, 1900-1939 - Marriage of Walter A. Sinton and Marie McNulty on 5 July 1923 in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, United States of America - Page: 13613, GS Film number: 001690134, Digital Folder Number: 005204202, Image Number: 03235 - MR1923-05-07-WAS-MM
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