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Sarah Sinton
6mo 1839 in Tamnaghmore House, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s130 ]
16d 2mo 1864 in Tamnaghmore House, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s131 s717 ]
18d 2mo 1864 in Friends Burial Ground, Moyallon, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s131 s717 ]
Born 22d 2mo 1792 - Died 25d 9mo 1860
Born About 1795 - Died 25d 3mo 1876
Ancestral View

Never married.

Last Will and Testament of Sarah Sinton, Junr.
Believing it best to dispose of my property by will or testament if it should please providence to take away my life, I now bequeath four hundred pounds to my dear Mother during her life, she to enjoy the interest thereof, and at her death, to my two sisters equally divided two hundred pounds each and I wish if either or both of my sisters should die before they come into possession thereof that their quota of £200 each should be equally divided between the daughters of each said sisters Elizabeth and Dorah Wardell, the remainder of my property of every kind or description I bequeath to my dear Mother for her own use and disposal as she may think best. I now attach my name to this my last will and testament in the presence of two witnesses who have attached their names thereto in my presence and in the presence of each other and I appoint John G. Richardson and Benjamin Sinton of Ballynewry as my Executors and Trustees to carry out my said intentions and disposition of my property.
Sarah Sinton, Junr.
William H. Sinton
Deborah Bell
Tamnamore House, 8 month 21st 1863
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Title: Date Of Death:16 February 1864
Forename:Sarah JuniorDate Of Grant:2 May 1864
Surname:SintonEffects:Under £600
Alt Surname: Registry:Armagh
Full Abstract:
The Will of Sarah Sinton Junior late of Tamnamore in the County of Armagh, Spinster deceased, who died 16 February 1864 at same place, was proved at Armagh by the oath of Benjamin Sinton of Ballynewry (Hamiltonsbawn) in the said County, Farmer, one of the Executors.
Transcribed from information supplied by the Public Records Office for Northern Ireland.
[RFSS May 2010]

Headstone of Sarah Sinton 1839 - 1864
Headstone of Sarah Sinton 1839 - 1864
Friends Burial Ground, Moyallon, Co. Down
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1864 AGED 24 YEARS
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[ s130 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-10 Ref 25h - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 (Feb 2003]
[ s131 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone, Friends Meeting House, Moyallon, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - H1864-16-02-SS 
View Inscription
[ s717 ] Church Record - Religious Society of Friends, Lurgan, Co. Armagh - Monthly Meeting Burial Register - QLD-457   
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