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John Sinton of Ravarnet
1d 11mo 1835 in Tamnaghmore House, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s129 ]
13d 9mo 1890 in Ravarnet, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s129 s780 ]
16d 9mo 1890 in Friends Burial Ground, Moyallon, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s780 ]
Born 22d 2mo 1792 - Died 25d 9mo 1860
Born About 1795 - Died 25d 3mo 1876
Born 8d 6mo 1837 - Died 2d 7mo 1926
21 May 1857 in Chatteris, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom [ s4399 ]
 Child 1
Born 10d 3mo 1858 - Died 28 September 1933
 Child 2
Born 13d 5mo 1859 - Died 1d 6mo 1859
 Child 3
Born 13d 12mo 1860 - Died About November 1918
 Child 4
Born 10d 11mo 1862 - Died About August 1915
 Child 5
Born 3d 10mo 1864 - Died 7d 10mo 1932
 Child 6
Born 15d 7mo 1872 - Died 8d 8mo 1935
Ancestral View

Linen manufacturer

He was "of Ravarnet", Lisburn, Co. Down, Ireland. The Hemingtons were "of Chatteris", Cambridgeshire, England.

To view a transcript of the Last Will and Testament of John see Will
[RFSS Dec 2010]

Title:Mr.Date Of Death:13 September 1890
Forename:JohnDate Of Grant:5 November 1890
Surname:SintonEffects:£12,919 0s. 8d.
Alt Surname: Registry:Belfast
Full Abstract:
The Will of John Sinton late of Ravarnet, County Down, Linen Manufacturer and Farmer who died 13 September 1890 at same place was proved at Belfast by Walter L. Sinton of Wheatfield House, Portadown, County Armagh, Gentleman and Benjamin C. Hobson of Warren Cottage, Lisburn, County Antrim, Gentleman two of the Executors.

Transcribed from information supplied by the Public Records Office for Northern Ireland.
[RFSS Mar 2003]

According to the National Archives money converter £12,919 in 1890 would be equivalent to £773,718 to-day.
[RFSS May 2009]

From Quaker birth records the first five children (1858-1865) were born in Bessbrook, Co. Armagh where John was possibly working for the Richardsons. The 'Description of Father' entry is blank.
Edward was born (1872) in Laurelvale, Co. Armagh where John was possibly working for Thomas Sinton.
[RFSS July 2005]
England and Wales Marriage Registration Index
Name: John Sinton
Spouse's Name: Elenor Hemington
Event Place: St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, England
County: Huntingdonshire
Registration District: St. Ives
Registration Year: 1857
Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
Volume: 3B
Page: 435
Line Number: 10
[RFSS May 2016]

The original information I had was that the wedding took place in Chatteris, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom which was in the North Witchford Registration District, Cambridge from 1837 to 1889, but the marriage registration record states that it took place in the St. Ives Registration District, Huntingdonshire, England. It will probably need a copy of the marriage certificate to solve this.
[ s129 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-10 Ref 25g - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 (Feb 2003]
[ s780 ] Church Record - Religious Society of Friends, Lurgan, Co. Armagh - Monthly Meeting Burial Register - QLD-829   
View Source
[ s4399 ] Marriage Registration - England and Wales Marriage Registration Index - Marriage of John S. K. Smith and Cherith M. Millburn-Fryer registered 1st Quarter 1976 in Wandsworth Registration District, London, England, United Kingdom - Volume: 15, Page: 0226S, Line Number: 122 - MR1976-xx-xx-JSKS-CMM
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