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Thomas Sinton of Laurelvale
2mo 1826 in Tamnaghmore House, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s122 ]
20d 8mo 1887 in Laurelvale, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s123 s740 ]
23d 8mo 1887 in Friends Burial Ground, Moyallon, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s123 s740 ]
Born 22d 2mo 1792 - Died 25d 9mo 1860
Born About 1795 - Died 25d 3mo 1876
Born 12 December 1835 - Died 31d 1mo 1900
12 July 1859 in Mullavilly Parish Church, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1891 ]
 Child 1
Born 1d 2mo 1860 - Died 31d 12mo 1942
 Child 2
Born 1d 4mo 1862 - Died 9d 12mo 1919
 Child 3
Born 29d 6mo 1863 - Died 5d 10mo 1949
 Child 4
Born 15d 3mo 1865 - Died 17d 3mo 1865
 Child 5
Born 29d 6mo 1866 - Died 10d 12mo 1940
 Child 6
Born 29d 2mo 1868 - Died 5d 12mo 1932
 Child 7
Born 27d 7mo 1870 - Died 25d 6mo 1943
 Child 8
Born 23d 10mo 1872 - Died 9d 5mo 1952
Ancestral View
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Laurelvale, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United KingdomLaurelvale, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Photograph © 2005 Sinton Family Trees

Linen Mill of Thomas Sinton, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United KingdomLinen Mill of Thomas Sinton, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland
Photograph © 1965 Airphotos, Cheddar, Somerset, England, United Kingdom

Linen Mill of Thomas Sinton, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom 1969Linen Mill of Thomas Sinton, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland 1969
Photograph courtesy of Roy Vogan, Tandragee

Linen Mill of Thomas Sinton, Tandragee, Co. Armagh and the houses of Mill RowLinen Mill of Thomas Sinton, Tandragee, Co. Armagh and the houses of Mill Row
Photograph courtesy of Roy Vogan, Tandragee
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Thomas owned a large Linen factory in Laurelvale, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Thomas named his residence 'Laurelvale House' and is responsible for the name Laurelvale which had not previously existed. The factory was started in the early 1850's and by the 1880's employed around 700 manufacturing very high grade heavy linen. The company was responsible for almost all of the houses built in the village, especially those for family members and factory managers etc. The factory closed in 1944 when it was acquired by the Ministry of Defence and used by the Hoffman company for the manufacture of ball bearings for tank turrets etc. In the 1970's it was destroyed in a fire, and together with his house the area has recently been cleared for a housing development.
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From: SLATER'S Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland, [pub. in Manchester, 1881]. Thomas is listed as a Linen Manufacturer with premises at Thomas Street, Portadown and in Laurelvale and Tandragee. In 1885 he acquired another mill at Killyleigh, Co. Down.
[RFSS Nov 2002].

He was "of Laurelvale, Townland of Tamnavelton"; his wife's family was "of Prospect House, near Mullahead, Co. Armagh, where Lizzie was born. Her father is also called "of Tandragee". All Thomas and Lizzie's children were born at Laurelvale. [WLS/JRHG] Thomas and Lizzie probably married Tandragee or Mullavilly Church. [Elizabeth Goelz has complete information on these families.]

Title: Date Of Death:20 August 1887
Forename:ThomasDate Of Grant:8 December 1887
Surname:SintonEffects:£112,716 11s. 4d.
Alt Surname: Registry:Armagh
Full Abstract:
The will of Thomas Sinton, late of Laurel Vale, County Armagh, merchant and J.P., who died 20 August 1887 at same place, was proved at Armagh 8 December 1887 by William Maynard Sinton and David Arthur Sinton, both of Laurel Vale, merchants, and John Sinton of Ravarnet, County Down, merchant, and John Buckly Atkinson of Portadown, County Armagh, solicitor, the executors.
Transcribed from information supplied by the Public Records Office for Northern Ireland.
[RFSS Jan 2003]

According to the National Archives money converter £112,716 in 1890 would be equivalent to £6,750,595 to-day.
[RFSS May 2009]

There is a large stained-glass window in Mullavilly Parish Church, Tandragee, Co. Armagh with the following inscription: 'Erected by Elizabeth Sinton in loving memory of her husband Thomas Sinton died 20th Aug 1887'. A photograph of the window can be seen at Window
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From "Banbridge Chronicle, August 27 1887" supplied by Jason Diamond, Banbridge, Co. Down.

The funeral of the late Thomas Sinton, JP, who died on the 20th inst. took place on Tuesday last at Laurelvale where the remains were removed for internment in the Friends Burying-ground, Moyallon. The funeral, which left the late residence of the deceased about 12.30 was very large and representative. The employees of the deceased's two mills - viz. Laurel Vale and Tandragee - marched four deep in front of the hearse, which was drawn by four horses.
The chief mourners were - Messrs. Maynard Sinton, Arthur Sinton, Thomas Sinton, Alfred Sinton, Fred Sinton, sons; Messrs Jacob Sinton, John Sinton, W. H. Sinton, Benjamin Sinton, brothers; Messrs Samuel McCauley, Dunfanaghy, and J. B. Wardell, brothers-in-law; Messrs D. H. Sinton, W. S. Sinton, D. F. Wardell, Robert Hesilrige, nephews.
The following were present or sent their carriages :- His Grace the Duke of Manchester, Benjamin Bell, H. J. Uprichard, JP, Gilford; J. B. Atkinson, Portadown; Mrs. Bell, Tullylish; J. G. Richardson, Moyallon; Charles Wakefield, Portadown; R. J. Harden, DL, Harrybrook; James Malcolm, DL, Lurgan; R. G. McCrum, JP, Milford, Armagh; William Smyth, JP, Lenaderg, Banbridge; Andrew McClelland, JP, Banbridge; Thos H. White, JP, Tandragee; Thomas A. Shillington, JP, Portadown; William J. Paul, JP, Portadown; C. E. B. Mayne, RM, Portadown; John Collen, JP; Dunbar McMaster, JP, Gilford; William Liddell, JP, Donacloney; James Orr, JP, Cranagill; Thomas Haughton, JP, Banford; - Crawley, JP, Rostrevor; William Andrews, JP, Brackagh House; - Davies, JP, Bessbrook; Rev. R. E. Glenny, Clonallon Rectory, County Down; Rev. W. M'Endoo, Tandragee; Rev. J. Elliot, Rev. J. Taylor, Rev - Crawford, Rev - Foy, Rev E. J. Wolfe, Mullavilly; Very Rev. Canon Donnelly, Magherafelt; Rev. M. Loughran, PP, Mullavilly; Rev. J. Forsythe, Ahorey; Rev. W. Best, Ballyloughan; Dr. Taylor, Tandragee; Dr. Stanley, Annagh Terrace, Portadown; Dr. Heron, Portadown; Dr. McBride, Gilford; Dr. Frazer, Armagh; J. G. Levingston, TC, Portadown; William Hall, TC; Arthur Thornton, TC; & c. On arriving at the burying ground two short addresses were delivered by Mr B Sinton and Mr Wakefield.
The remains were enclosed in a suite of coffins, the outside one being polished oak, richly mounted. The breastplate bore the inscription - "Thomas Sinton, died 20th August, 1887 aged 62 years." Beautiful wreaths were placed on the coffin from the deceased's sorrowing children, from the employees and from relatives.
The remains having been lowered into their last resting place the funeral procession returned."
(The abbreviation TC above means Town Counsellor.)

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Armagh City Council has invited prospective developers to present their proposals to the development committee in September for the regeneration and development of a local mill. The disused Sinton's Mill at Tandragee, which overlooks the River Cusher, dates from the nineteenth century and is still owned by the Sinton family. The council's plan is to restore the mill to its original condition and to bring it back into productive use. In addition to the mill, which is expected to become a tourist attraction in the area, the development plans will include retail units and apartments.
[RFSS Jan 2003]

The mill in Tandragee, which was built in about 1845 and operated by the Tandragee Spinning Company, was acquired by Mr. Sinton about 1870.
[RFSS Feb 2003]

Headstone of Thomas Sinton 1826 - 1887Headstone of Thomas Sinton 1826 - 1887
Friends Burial Ground, Moyallon, Co. Down
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Ireland Marriages
Groom's Name: Thomas Sinton
Bride's Name: Elizabeth Bridget Buckby
Marriage Date: 12 Jul 1859
Marriage Place: Kilmore, Arm, Ireland
Groom's Father's Name: David Sinton
Bride's Father's Name: William Buckby
Groom's Marital Status: Single
Bride's Marital Status: Single
Registration District: Armagh
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 291
[RFSS Aug 2011]

Kilmore refers to the Parish of Kilmore and not the townland. Mullavilly Parish was part of the Parish of Kilmore in 1859.
[ s122 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-10 Ref 25c - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 (Feb 2003]
[ s123 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone, Friends Meeting House, Moyallon, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - H1887-20-08-TS 
View Inscription
[ s740 ] Church Record - Religious Society of Friends, Lurgan, Co. Armagh - Monthly Meeting Burial Register - QLD-783   
View Source
[ s1891 ] Marriage Registration - Ireland Marriages - Marriage of Thomas Sinton and Elizabeth Bridget Buckby on 12 July 1859 in Kilmore Parish, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom - Registration District: Armagh, Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 291 - MR1895-12-07-TS-EBB
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