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David Norman Stratton Sinton
12 September 1907 in 7 Colenso Parade, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s1968 ]
28 June 1968 in Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2396 ]
1 July 1968 in Dundonald Cemetery, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom [ s2396 ]
Born 12 July 1865 - Died 17 September 1943
Born 1 July 1874 - Died 16 April 1949
Born 17 August 1908 - Died 15 February 1943
24 June 1929 in Cregagh Presbyterian Church, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
 Child 1
Born 25 May 1934 - Died 10 June 2005
Ancestral View
Ireland, Civil Registration Birth Indexes
Name: David Norman Sinton
Registration District: Belfast
Registration Quarter and Year: Oct - Dec 1907
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 287
Index Number: 65
[RFSS Aug 2011]

Lived at Ravenhill Road, Belfast.
Went to Canada for a while then returned to Northern Ireland.
Grave Sect F4 No985.
Details supplied by David Norman McMurtry Sinton.
[RFSS Nov 2004]

Surname: Sinton
Given name: David N. S.
Age: 23
Sex: M
Nationality: Ir
Date of arrival: 1930/08/07 (YYYY/MM/DD)
Port of arrival: Quebec, Quebec
Ship: DUCHESS OF RICHMOND, Canadian Pacific
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION, series C-1-a
Volume: 1930 volume 15
Page: 159
Microfilm reel: T-14767
[RFSS Aug 2005]

Belfast City Council - Burial Record
Name of deceased:David Norman Sinton
Last place of residence:8 Clarawood Drive
Age:61 Years
Date of death:28 June 1968
Date of burial:1 July 1968
Cemetery:Dundonald Cemetery
Grave section and number:F4 985
Burial Type:Earth Burial
[RFSS Apr 2012]
Details supplied by David Norman McMurtry Sinton.
[ s1968 ] Birth Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958 - Birth of David Norman Stratton Sinton registered 4th Quarter 1907 in Belfast Registration District, Ireland, United Kingdom - Film Number: 101071, Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 287, Digital Folder Number: 4194690, Image Number: 00584 - BR1907-12-09-DNSS
[ s2396 ] Burial Record - Belfast City Council - Death of David Norman Stratton Sinton on 28 June 1968 in 8 Clarawood Drive, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and burial on 1 July 1968 in Dundonald Cemetery, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - Grave section and number: F4 985 - BUR1968-01-07-DNSS
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