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Elizabeth Jane Wright
About 1859 - Drumnakelly, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom
Born 22 September 1854 -
31 December 1886 - Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - [ s1034 ]
 Child 1
Born 3 August 1889 -
 Child 2
Born 25 May 1891 -
 Child 3
Born 18 December 1892 - Died 16 April 1931
 Child 4
Born 23 November 1894 -
 Child 5
Born 1897 -
 Child 6
Born About November 1901 - Died 6 September 1952
 Child 7
Born About May 1902 -
Ancestral View
1901 Census record taken on Sunday, 31 March.
Residents of a house 13 in Drumnakelly (Portadown Rural, Co. Armagh)
 SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1SintonJames40MaleHead of FamilyChurch of Ireland
2SintonLizzie J35FemaleWifeChurch of Ireland
3SintonMary J11FemaleDaughterChurch of Ireland
4SintonLillie9FemaleDaughterChurch of Ireland
5SintonAnnie8FemaleDaughterChurch of Ireland
6SintonMaggie6FemaleDaughterChurch of Ireland
7SintonEdith4FemaleDaughter NephewChurch of Ireland
8SintonRobert1MaleSonChurch of Ireland
9WrightAnne Jane60FemaleMother in LawChurch of Ireland
 BirthplaceOccupationLiteracyMarital StatusSpecified Illnesses
1Co. ArmaghFarmerRead and writeMarried-
2Co. ArmaghFarmers WifeRead and writeMarried-
3Co. ArmaghFarmers DaughterRead and writeNot Married-
4Co. ArmaghFarmers DaughterRead and writeNot Married-
5Co. ArmaghFarmers DaughterRead and writeNot Married-
6Co. ArmaghFarmers DaughterRead and writeNot Married-
7Co. ArmaghFarmers DaughterRead and writeNot Married-
8Co. ArmaghFarmers Son-Not Married-
9Co. ArmaghHouse KeeperRead and writeWidow-
The first four children were born in Canada, not Ireland.
[RFSS Jun 2010]
Elizabeth living at the family farm, Drumnakelly, Portadown.

Information from Maurice Mehaffey
[RFSS Jun 2008]
[ s1034 ] Marriage Certificate - Marriage solemnised at St. Mark's Parish Church, Portadown, Co. Armagh on 31st December 1886 between James Sinton and Elizabeth Jane Wright. - MC1886-31-12-JS-EJW
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