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John Mackie
in Rockmacreany, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Armagh, Ireland
About 1699 in Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Armagh, Ireland
Ancestral View
Will made June 11, 1699 - - immigration of Irish Quakers into PA.

JOHN MACKEY,2 or Mackie, of Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, "being weak in body, but perfect in memory," made his will 4 Mo. 11, 1699. First. He leaves to his wife the [p.425] third part of "all my goods & Chattells quick and dead within and without and alsoo my house & Land duering her Life and after her decease to fall to my Sons Joseph and Benjamin" to be equally divided between them.

Item. "After my wifes third parte is taken off I doe give the one half of what remains to my Son William and my Son Joseph and my daughter Rebecca," to be divided equally.

Item. "I leave the other halfe to my Son Benjamin and my daughter Martha" to be equally divided.

Item. Wife to be executrix.

Item. William Brownlee, Jr., and William Gray to be overseers and guardians to see that "my wife doe fully execute this my will."

Lastly. Directs that his "body be buried in the buering Place in the mueny belonging to the meeting of balley hagen."

Witness: Charles Brown John Mackey [Seal]

Kellren Brown

7 Mo. 6, 1699, William Macky, David Kell, Joseph Mackey certify that they have "Received full Satisfaction of our mother concerning our fathers Last will." (Records of Ballyhagen Meeting.)

Children of John Mackey: I. Joseph, II. William, III. Benjamin, IV. Rebecca, and V. Martha.

In 1681, "John Macky [County Down] had taken from him for Tithe, by Hugh Powell and Edmond MacElcoshker, two Stooks of wheat, eleven Stooks of Oats and two Stooks of Barly, all worth seventeen shillings."-Stockdale, 175.

I don't know where the [County Down] comes from but it does not feel correct. The townlands of Rockmacreany, Kincon, Ballyhagan and Money are all in Co. Armagh and some distance from the nearest point of Co. Down. [RFSS Mar 2003]
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