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Sarah Edith Sinton
29 October 1849 in Dunham Township, McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America [ s455 s1286 ]
15 February 1939 in Chemung Township, McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America [ s1286 ]
17 February 1939 in Dunham Cemetery, Chemung Township, McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America [ s1286 ]
Born 7 March 1811 - Died 6 November 1901
Born 5 July 1814 - Died 2 May 1892
Born 16 August 1857 - Died 15 February 1932
5 February 1879 in McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America [ s3094 ]
Ancestral View
United States Census, 1 June 1850
Name: Sarah Sinton
Event Place: Byron, McHenry, Illinois, United States
Gender: Female
Age: 0
Race: White
Birth Year (Estimated): 1850
Birthplace: Illinois
House Number: 99
Household ID: 105
Line Number: 13
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: M432
Affiliate Film Number: 120
GS Film Number: 7690
Digital Folder Number: 004193366
Image Number: 00335
HeadDavid SintonM 46Ireland
WifeMary J. SintonF45Ireland
DaughterEllen SintonF9Illinois
DaughterMary J. SintonF8Illinois
DaughterMargaret SintonF4Illinois
DaughterSarah SintonF½Illinois
-Isabella GurleyF48Ireland
[RFSS Jan 2011]

United States Census, 1 June 1870
Name: Sarah Sinton
Estimated Birth Year: 1852
Gender: Female
Age in 1870: 18y
Color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, Indian): White
Birthplace: Illinois
Home in 1870: Illinois, United States
David SintonM61Ireland
Mary J. SintonF55Ireland
Sarah SintonF18Illinois
Isabella SintonF16Illinois
Elden BennewayM7Illinois
[RFSS Mar 2011]

Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947
Name: Sarah Edith Sinton Kennedy
Death Date: 15 Feb 1939
Death Place: Chemung, McHenry, Illinois
Gender: Female
Age: 89
Estimated Birth Year: 1850
Birth Date: 29 Oct 1849
Birthplace: Dunham Twp., McHenry Co., Illinois
Father: David Sinton
Father's Birth Place: County Armagh, Ireland
Mother's Birth Place: Ireland
Occupation: Housewife
Residence: Chemung, McHenry, Illinois
Spouse: John J. Kennedy
Burial Date: 17 Feb 1939
Burial Place: Chemung, McHenry, Ill.
Cemetery: Chemung-Dunham Cemetery
Digital Folder Number: 4008497
Image Number: 1667
Film Number: 1819606
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 6970
[RFSS Jan 2011]

Kennedy Family HeadstoneSarah Edith Kennedy (née Sinton) 1849 - 1939
Sarah Edith Kennedy (née Sinton) 1849 - 1939
Dunham Cemetery, Chemung Township, McHenry County, Illinois
The photographs come from the Find A Grave website courtesy of Kathy
The location is Dunham Cemetery, Chemung Township, McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America.
Link to the Find A Grave site for Sarah Edith Kennedy
[RFSS Nov 2013]
Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934
Name: John Kennedy
Event Date: 1879
Event Place: McHenry, Illinois, United States
Age: 22
Birth Year (Estimated): 1857
Spouse's Name: Sarah Sinton
Spouse's Age: 25
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1854
Reference ID: it1, p14, no5398
GS Film number: 1420736
Digital Folder Number: 005204722
Image Number: 00018
[RFSS Nov 2013]
[ s455 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-15 Ref 41g - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 (Feb 2003]
[ s1286 ] Death Certificate - Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths - Sarah Edith Sinton Kennedy of Chemung, McHenry, Illinois died 15 February 1939 - DC1939-15-02-SESK
[ s3094 ] Marriage Registration - Illinois, County Marriages, 1810-1934 - Marriage of John Kennedy and Sarah Sinton on 5 February 1879 in McHenry County, Illinois, United States of America - Reference ID: it1, p14, no5398, GS Film number: 1420736, Digital Folder Number: 005204722, Image Number: 00018 - MR1879-03-02-JJK-SES
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