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Robert Dyball Sinton
2 July 1869 in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America [ s3249 ]
18 August 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America [ s885 ]
20 August 1966 in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore County, Maryland, United States of America [ s885 ]
Born 5 January 1842 - Died Before 1930
Born 4 December 1848 - Died About 1948
 Spouse 1
Born 1872 - Died 16 December 1891
Oct 1890 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland, United States of America
 Child 1
Born 22 October 1890 - Died 28 February 1971
 Spouse 2
Born About 1870 - Died 4 September 1955
29 April 1895 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland, United States of America
 Child 1
Born 11 June 1900 -
Ancestral View
Virginia, Births and Christenings, 1853-1917
Name: Robert Sinton
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 2 Jul 1869
Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia
Race: White
Father's Name: Geo. Sinton
Mother's Name: Belle Sinton
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00623-8
System Origin: Virginia-EASy
GS Film number: 2048445
Reference ID: p 131
[RFSS Jan 2013]

Owner, Sinton Bros. & Co., Grain Hay and Seeds, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.


United States Census, 1 June 1880
Name: Robert D. Sinton
Residence: Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Birthdate: 1870
Birthplace: Virginia, United States
Relationship to Head: Son
Father's Name: George F. Sinton
Father's Birthplace: Virginia, United States
Mother's Name: Bell Sinton
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia, United States
Race or Color (Expanded): White
Ethnicity (Standardized): American
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Single
Age (Expanded): 10 years
Occupation: At School
NARA Film Number: T9-0505
Page: 242
Page Character: D
Entry Number: 3015
Film number: 1254505
Household Gender Age
Parent George F. Sinton M 37
Parent Bell Sinton F 32
James F. Sinton M 13
Robert D. Sinton M 10
Wilber H. Sinton M 5
Katie B. Sinton F 3
Emily Purnell F 17
[RFSS Jun 2011]

1900 Census record taken on Friday, 1 June.
Residence - 202 East Lanvile Street, Baltimore City, Baltimore, County, Maryland, USA
to head
or Race
1Robert D. SintonHeadWhiteMMay 186832M4--Virginia
2Annie L. SintonWifeWhiteFApr 187030M421Maryland
3Mary SintonDaughterWhiteFMay 18991S---Maryland
4Hellen WrightServantBlackFMar 188614S---Maryland
Year of
in US
Can Speak
1VirginiaVirginia---Grain MerchantYYY 
Enumeration District: 0155, Sheet Number and Letter: 10A, Household ID: 154, Reference Number: 7, GSU Film Number: 1240613, Image Number: 00149
[RFSS Jun 2011]

United States Census, 1 January 1920
Name: Robert D. Sinton
Residence: , Baltimore, Maryland
Estimated Birth Year: 1870
Age: 50
Birthplace: Virginia
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Gender: Male
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Father's Birthplace: Virginia
Mother's Birthplace: Virginia
Film Number: 1820658
Digital Folder Number: 4301024
Image Number: 00361
Sheet Number: 2
Household Gender Age
Robert D Sinton M 50y
Spouse Annie L Sinton F 49y
Child Margaret O Sinton F 19y
[RFSS Jun 2011]

United States Social Security Death Index
Given Name: Robert
Middle Name: D
Surname: Sinton
Birth Date: 2 Jul 1869
State: Maryland
Last Place of Residence: Maryland
Previous Residence Postal Code: 21218
Social Security Number: 216-46-4842
Event Date: 15 Aug 1966
Age: 97
[RFSS Nov 2006]

The following is an extract from 'Baltimore, Its History and Its People' Volume 2, pages 164 and 165, by Clayton Colman Hall. Published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company in 1912.

Thanks to Glenn Carlson, Silver Spring, outside Washington, DC for the research. His interest in the Sinton family derives from his great great aunt Emily Finnegan marrying Charles Bebe, the manager of the Sinton Mill in Laurelvale, Co. Armagh, Ireland.

Items in [text] are amendments or corrections by Robert F. S. Sinton.


Joseph Sinton, the earliest known ancestor of the branch of the family of which Robert Dyball Sinton is a representative, was of Crucatt [Crewcatt], Armagh county, Ireland, born about 1680. He was a Quaker. The Sinton family have operated linen mills in Ireland since about 1700, and the old homestead of the Sinton family is called Ravernette [Ravarnette] House of Lisbon [Lisburn], [Co. Down] Ireland, and this has been occupied by a Sinton for nearly two centuries. It is occupied at the present time by a great cousin of Robert D. Sinton. The Ravernette [Ravarnette] Linen Mills in operation to-day at Lisbon [Lisburn], Ireland, employ a thousand hands: furthermore there are mills at Belfast and Dublin, Ireland, operated by Sintons. All of the families by the name of Sinton in the United States are direct descendants of the family at Lisbon [Lisburn], Ireland. One branch lives in Richmond, Virginia, another at Colorado Springs, Colorado, and another in Cincinnati, Ohio, who built the famous Sinton Hotel, considered one of the handsomest structures of the West.

(I) John Sinton, a descendant of Joseph Sinton, was a resident of Rockmacreany, County Armagh, Ireland. He married, January 26, 1780, according to the proceedings used by the Quakers, Rebecca Clark. They were Quakers.

(II) James, son of John and Rebecca (Clark) Sinton, was born in Richhill, [Co. Armagh] Ireland. He was a manufacturer of soap and candles, realizing there from a comfortable livelihood. He was a Quaker in religion and a Whig in politics. He married, October 28, 1829, Harriett Dyball. Children: James William; Annie Eliza; Harriet Rebecca; Charles Henry; George Franklin, see forward; Caroline Hibernia; Katharine Maria.

(III) George Franklin, son of James and Harriett (Dyball) Sinton, was born in Richmond, Virginia, January 3, 1842. He is an accountant by occupation, served as captain of militia, is a member of the Protestant church, and a Democrat in politics. He is a man of character and integrity, honored and respected in his community. He married, in Richmond, Virginia, December 21, 1865, Belle Peay, born in Richmond, December 4, 1847. Children: James Franklin, born October 10, 1866: Robert Dyball, see forward; Wilbur Harrison, born October 19, 1874; Katharine Beaumont, born December 23, 1882.

(IV) Robert Dyball, son of George Franklin and Belle (Peay) Sinton, was born in Richmond, Virginia, July 21, 1869. His parents removed to Baltimore, Maryland, 1874, when he was five years of age, and his education was acquired in the public schools of Baltimore and the Baltimore City College. In 1885, at the age of sixteen years, he began his business career, securing employment with the grain firm of Pitt Bros. & Company, this connection continuing for five years. In 1890 he formed a partner- ship with William Hopps, under the firm name of Hopps, Sinton & Company, and this relationship continued for two years, during which time they were eminently successful. In 1892 Mr. Hopps withdrew his interest, and the firm name was changed to Sinton Bros. & Company, Mr. Sinton being sole proprietor of the business. A certain degree of success has crowned his efforts, this being the direct result of strict business principles and staunch integrity in all transactions. In addition to this he owns and operates a dairy farm in Harford county, shipping milk to the city of Baltimore every day. He resides on this farm during the summer months, spending the winter months in the city of Baltimore. He is a director of the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, with offices in Chamber of Commerce Building. Mr. Sinton is a member of St. Margaret's Episcopal Church; was made president of a committee of five to build the church, and consequently has taken quite an active interest in it since its completion. In fact he has always given his influence to those interests which promote culture, which work for the Christianizing of the race and which recognize the common brotherhood of man. He is a Democrat in politics, but has never sought nor held public office. He is a charter member of Baltimore Lodge, No. 210, Free and Accepted Masons.

It is a fact, and one which cannot but be regretted by every deep thinking man, that the majority of historiographers of the present age are in the habit of overlooking the citizens of this class, whether by accident or purposely, while they give prominence to the warriors, statesmen, doctors, lawyers, and those whose paths in life lie in the learned professions. Nevertheless, it will not be denied that none are more worthy of the respect and esteem of their fellows, than those citizens who labor earnestly to build up our commerce and manufactures, who give employment to, and consequently feed, the masses, and whose efforts in life have tended to make Baltimore a great mercantile center. Mr. Sinton is one of this class, a man who for well nigh a quarter of a century has been identified with the growth and advancement of Baltimore. In friendship he is warm and constant, and those who possess it regard it as an invaluable boon. He counts his own friends by the hundreds, and a business connection of a quarter of a century has earned for him the confidence and esteem of the entire community. His features indicate his character. There is the nervous energetic determination of the man appearing in every line and every expression.

Mr. Sinton married (first) in Baltimore, in October, 1890, Daisy Dorr; (second) April 29, 1895, in Baltimore, Annie Loury Crisp, born in Anne Arundel county, Maryland, in 1870, daughter of F. Grafton and Alverda J. Crisp, the former of whom was a gentleman farmer. Children of Mr. and Mrs. Crisp: W. Benton, a prominent attorney of New York City; Herbert J., an architect of Baltimore; Marietta E., Sarah L., wife of S. Linthicum Jr. ; Anne Loury, wife of Mr. Sinton. Child of Mr. Sinton by first marriage: Robert Nelson, born January, 1892, educated in schools of Baltimore, now in the accounting department of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Child by second marriage; Margaret Owens, born June 11, 1900.

[I would dispute the claim, in the first paragraph, that the old homestead was Ravarnette House, Co. Down. The earliest known residence of the Sintons is Greenmount in the townland of Rockmacreany, Co. Armagh which was occupied by Jacob and Sarah (nee Mackie) from the time of their wedding in 1730. There are a number of variances in dates which will require further research]

[RFSS Nov 2008]

Maryland Deaths and Burials, 1877-1992
Name: Robert D. Sinton
Gender: Male
Burial Date: 20 Aug 1966
Burial Place: Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Death Date: 18 Aug 1966
Age: 97
Birth Date: 1869
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B00904-0
System Origin: Maryland-EASy
Source Film Number: 2070862
Reference Number: P330 Ln20
[RFSS Jan 2011]
[ s3249 ] Birth Registration - Virginia, Births and Christenings, 1853-1917 - Birth of Robert Sinton to George and Belle Sinton on 2 July 1869 in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America - Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00623-8, System Origin: Virginia-EASy, GS Film number: 2048445, Reference ID: p 131 - BR1869-02-07-RDS
[ s885 ] Death Registration - Maryland Deaths and Burials, 1877-1992 - Death of Robert D. Sinton on 18 August 1966 in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States of America and Burial on 20 August 1966 in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore County, Maryland, United States of America - Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B00904-0, System Origin: Maryland-EASy, Source Film Number: 2070862, Reference Number: P330 Ln20 - DR1966-18-08-RDS
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