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George Chapman Sinton
21d 12mo 1886 in Tamnaghmore House, Tamnaghmore, Co. Armagh, Ireland, United Kingdom [ s425 s961 ]
6 September 1976 in Gallatin County, Montana, United States of America [ s970 ]
in Meadow View Cemetery, Manhattan, Gallatin County, Montana, United States of America [ s970 ]
Born 11d 11mo 1841 - Died 22d 3mo 1912
Born 23d 2mo 1852 - Died 17d 9mo 1933
Born 19 July 1891 - Died 8 May 1990
16 May 1910 in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana, United States of America [ s1746 ]
 Child 1
Born 5 March 1911 - Died 16 December 2004
 Child 2
Born 30 April 1917 - Died 10 October 1994
 Child 3
Born 30 July 1919 - Died 23 June 1987
Ancestral View

Ireland, Civil Registration Birth Indexes
Name: George Chapman Sinton
Registration District: Banbridge
Registration Quarter and Year: Jan - Mar 1887
Volume Number: 1
Page Number: 182
[RFSS Jul 2011]

He was a successful cattle man. {LBS ...George C. Sinton of Manhattan, Montana ... 1940}.
"George and his wife and daughter were at home in Ireland from October 1911 to 8 Mar 1912. His father died 22 March, two weeks later."

1901 Census record taken on Sunday, 31 March.
Residents of a house 15 in Tamnaghmore (Mullahead, Co. Armagh)
SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligion
1SintonWilliam Henry59MaleHead of FamilySociety of Friends
2SintonLucy47FemaleWifeSociety of Friends
3SintonTheodore17MaleSonSociety of Friends
4SintonSarah15FemaleDaughterSociety of Friends
5SintonGeorge14MaleSonSociety of Friends
6SintonEmily Eliza12FemaleDaughterSociety of Friends
7SintonJohn Henry8MaleSonSociety of Friends
8FearonSarah19FemaleServantChurch of Ireland
1Co. ArmaghFarmerRead and writeMarried-
2Co. Armagh-Read and writeMarried-
3Co. ArmaghFarmers SonRead and writeNot Married-
4Co. ArmaghLinen ManufacturerRead and writeNot Married-
5Co. ArmaghAt SchoolRead and writeNot Married-
6Co. ArmaghAt SchoolRead and writeNot Married-
7Co. ArmaghAt SchoolRead and writeNot Married-
8Co. ArmaghGeneral DomesticRead and writeNot Married-
[RFSS Jun 2010]

Ellis Island, New York - Passenger Record

The first record is his initial entry into the USA.

First Name: George
Last Name: Sinton
Ethnicity: Great Britain, Irish
Last Place of Residence: Iorninndmore, Ireland
(for Iorninndmore read Tamnaghmore)
Date of Arrival: May 5, 1907
Age at Arrival: 19y
Gender: M
Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Baltic
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0012

From manifest: Says George is a Non Immigrant Alien in transit to Canada.
It says he is not joining any friends or relatives
but going to Winnnipeg to seek work.
Photograph of S.S. Baltic
White Star Line - S.S. Baltic

Built by Harland & Wolff Limited, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1904. 23,884 gross tons; 726 (bp) feet long; 75 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 16 knots. 2,875 passengers (425 first class, 450 second class, 2,000 third class).Two funnels, four masts.

Border Crossings From Canada to United States 1895-1956
Name: George Sinton
Arrival Date: Dec 1907
Arrival Port: Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Age: 20
Estimated Birth Year: 1887
Birthplace: Taubregger, (for Taubregger read Tandragee)
Birth Country: Ireland
Gender: Male
Race: Irish
NARA Publication Title: Manifests of Passengers Arriving in the St. Albans, VT, District through Canadian Pacific and Atlantic Ports, 1895-1954
NARA Publication Number: M1464
NARA Roll Number: 68
[RFSS Mar 2011]

Ellis Island, New York - Passenger Record

The second record is on his return from a visit to his parents in Ireland,
accompanied by his wife and eldest daughter.

First Name: George C.
Last Name: Sinton
Date of Arrival: Mar 15, 1912
Age at Arrival: 25y
Gender: M
Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Lusitania
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0023

From manifest: Height: 5'11"
Complexion: Fresh
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Born: Tandragee
[RFSS Mar 2008]
Photograph of S.S. Baltic
Cunard Line - S.S. Lusitania

Built by John Brown & Company, Clydebank, Scotland, 1907. 31,550 gross tons; 787 (bp) feet long; 87 feet wide. Steam turbine engines, quadruple screw. Service speed 25 knots. 2,165 passengers (563 first class, 464 second class, 1,138 third class). Four funnels and two masts.

United States Census, 15 April 1910
Name: Sinton
Birthplace: Ireland
Relationship to Head of Household: Self
Residence: Billings Ward 2, Yellowstone, Montana
Marital Status: Single
Race : White
Gender: Male
Immigration Year: 1907
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Mother's Birthplace: Ireland
Family Number:
Page Number: 19
[RFSS Mar 2011]

United States Census, 1 January 1920
Name: George C. Sinton
Event Place: School District 24, Yellowstone, Montana, United States
District: 180
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Can Read: Yes
Can Write: Yes
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Own or Rent: Own
Birth Year (Estimated): 1889
Birthplace: Ireland
Immigration Year: 1900
Father's Birthplace: Ireland
Mother's Birthplace: Ireland
Sheet Number and Letter: 6A
Household ID: 120
Line Number: 24
Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Affiliate Publication Number: T625
GS Film number: 1820978
Digital Folder Number: 004313246
Image Number: 00452
HeadGeorge C. SintonM 31Ireland
WifeKittie C. SintonF27Illinois
DaughterViolet E. SintonF8Montana
DaughterEileen SintonF3y4mMontana
SonMaynard G. SintonM6mMontana
UncleCharles HinesM70Canada
[RFSS Mar 2011]

A view from 1939:

MANHATTAN, (4,258 alt., 501 pop.), is a one-street town with a few business buildings facing a tree-enclosed park. It was named by a group of New Yorkers who operated under the name of the Manhattan Co. and owned land here. The George Sinton ranches, one of the largest cattle spreads north of Texas, has headquarters here.

Source: Montana: A State Guide Book; Compiled and Written by the Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Montana; September, 1939.
[from RFSS Mar 2008]

U.S. Social Security Death Index
First Name: George
Last Name: Sinton
Birth Date: 21 December 1888
Social Security Number: 516-42-8672
Place of Issuance: Montana
Last Residence: Gallatin, Montana
Zip Code of Last Residence: 59741
Death Date: September 1976
Estimated Age at Death: 88
[RFSS Apr 2011]

Headstone of George and Kittie SintonHeadstone of George Chapman Sinton 1886 - 1976
Meadow View Cemetery, Manhattan, Gallatin County, Montana

The photograph comes from the Find A Grave website courtesy of A Marine's Daughter
The location is Meadow View Cemetery, Manhattan, Gallatin County, Montana, United States of America.
Link to the Find A Grave site for George C. Sinton
[RFSS May 2008]

The death date was kindly supplied by Rebecca Warner from the Montana Death Index records.
[RFSS Jun 2008]
Montana, County Marriages, 1865-1950
Name: George C. Quiton
Event: Marriage
Event Date: 16 May 1910
Event Place: Billings, Yellowstone, Montana
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single
Birthplace: Tand..., Armagh, Ireland
Estimated Birth Year: 1888
Father: William N. Quiton
Mother: Lucy Chapman
Spouse: Kittie Rybolt
Spouse's Age: 18
Spouse's Marital Status: Single
Spouse's Race: White
Spouse's Birthplace: Winslow, Stevenson, Illinois
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1892
Spouse's Father: George F. Rybolt
Spouse's Mother: Sylvia Heise
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: CN1931
Film Number: 1943756
Digital Folder Number: 4351483
Image Number: 20
The groom's surname Sinton has been incorrectly transcribed as Quiton.
[RFSS Jul 2011]

Marriage License and Certificate of George Chapman Sinton and Kittie RyboltMarriage License and Certificate of George Chapman Sinton and Kittie Rybolt
[RFSS Oct 2012]
[ s425 ] Birth Registration - Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958 - Birth of George Chapman Sinton registered 1st Quarter 1887 in Banbridge Registration District, Co. Down, Ireland, United Kingdom - Film Number: 101061, Volume Number: 1, Page Number: 182, Digital Folder Number: 4193975, Image Number: 00424 - BR1866-22-12-GCS
[ s961 ] Ancestral File - THE SINTON FAMILY - Page 1-13 Ref.34c - Walter Lyon Sinton / Lulu Bell Sinton / John Ronald Howard Greeves / Robert Francis Speers Sinton / Ann Heacock Sinton - Version 1.01 [Feb 2003]
[ s970 ] Cemetery Marker - Headstone, Meadow View Cemetery, Manhattan, Gallatin County, Montana, United States of America - H1976-06-09-GCS 
View Inscription
[ s1746 ] Marriage Registration - Montana, County Marriages, 1865-1950 - Marriage of George Chapman Sinton and Kittie Rybolt on 16 May 1910 in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana, United States of America - Volume/Page/Certificate Number: CN1931, Film Number: 1943756, Digital Folder Number: 4351483, Image Number: 20 - MR1910-16-05-GCS-KR
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