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Benjamin Mackie
Before 1700
Born Before 1700 -
24d 3mo 1716 in Ballyhagan Meeting House, Crewcatt, Co. Armagh, Ireland [ s4421 ]
 Child 1
 Child 2
 Child 3
 Child 4
Born About 1719 -
 Child 5
Born 20 February 1704 -
Ancestral View
BENJAMIN MACKEY (son of John), of Rockmackany, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, and Sarah, daughter of John Williamson, of Ballyhagen, were married at Ballyhagen Meeting, 3 Mo. 24, 1716. Among those who signed the marriage certificate were John Williamson and Jane, William, Joseph and Ann Mackey. They resided at Drumore, Parish Mullabrack, County Armagh.
Children were:

3 Mo. 24, 1716 is 24 May 1716. If this is confusing then please read OUR QUAKER ANCESTORS

Rockmacreany townland is located about half a mile south of Richhill, Co. Armagh.
Ballyhagan townland is located about two miles south of east from Loughgall, Co. Armagh.
Mullabrack townland is located about one mile north of Markethill, Co. Armagh.
Drumore is not a townland, so I presume it is the name of their house, which I have not yet located.
[RFS Sinton Dec 2002]
Quaker Records Ireland - Marriage Details
Marriage of: Benjamin Mackey and Sarah Williamson
Date of Marriage: 24d 3mo 1716
Place of Marriage: Ballyhagan, Co. Armagh
Husband's Residence: Rockmacraney, Co. Armagh
Wife's Residence: Ballyhagan, Co. Armagh
Husband's Parents:
Husband's Parents Abode:
Description of His Father:
Wife's Parents: John Williamson
Wife's Parents Abode: Ballyhagan, Co. Armagh
Description of Her Father:
Registration Meeting: Richhill Meeting, Volume 1, Page 34
[RFSS Jun 2016]
[ s4421 ] Marriage Registration - Quaker Records Ireland - Marriage of Benjamin Mackey and Sarah Williamson on 24 March 1716 in Ballyhagan Meeting House, Crewcatt, Co. Armagh, Ireland - The Religious Society of Friends, Richhill Meeting, Volume 1, Page 34 - MR1716-24-03-BM-SW
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