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This transcription is intended SOLELY for the non-commercial use of family history research.
The Religious Society of Friends
The History of

1654 - 1793 - 2004
Compiled by George R. Chapman

The following is a transcription of this book. The original takes up about one hundred A5 pages and would be cumbersome, and take a long time to load, if presented in one block. The introduction sections and chapters are presented on separate web pages with links from the Contents section.

In September 2005 a Chapter 11 was added, covering the twenty-five years from 1979 to 2004, to commerate the 350th aniversary.

Most of the monetary values referred to in the book are of course pre decimalisation of the British currency. The old pound (£) was divided up with twenty shillings (s.) equal to one pound, and with twelve pence (d.) equal to one shilling. The following abreviation £3.10s.6d equates to three pounds ten shillings and six pence. The abreviation 7/8½d. equates to seven shillings, eight and a half pence.

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